Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's That Time!

It's that time of year again when we start preparing for Thanksgiving Day. I love Thanksgiving. One thing I look forward to is our Thanksgiving Service the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Several of the groups will sing and we have a popcorn testimony time for the church to stand and say the things they're thankful for. I love that night.

I also look forward to being with family. We trade off the day between my parents and Bruce's mom every year. This year we'll be spending the day with my family. I'll probably be doing the cooking this year. (YIKES) But if I know my brother well enough, he'll be pulling out his recipes for some yummy dishes too. Right, John? RIGHT???


I met my Sweetheart at the polls at 6:45 this morning. There was a lot of energy there. Our precinct is usually quiet, not much action. No doubt because we live in such a small community. As a matter of fact, anytime we've gone to vote we've always walked in with maybe two or three other voters there. But this morning, every booth was full and people were sitting at tables. I also heard them run out of pens. So it was poppin' in there today.

They won't allow cameras in the precinct, so I took one outside looking in. That's my Darlin' there sitting down in the hooded jacket and hat.

A horrible picture, I know, but see!...I got my I Voted sticker!!

Darlin' did too.
Bruce and I enjoy a biscuit the morning we vote. Well, today we enjoyed a Mcmuffin. We enjoyed our time together this morning. It was a lot of fun.
Hannah spent the day with dad at the hospital. She was happy to go and tend to her Maw Maw and Paw Paw while Harrison and I ran errands. Harrison was feeling a little sick on his stomach, but felt a little better after sipping down a cola. He felt a little warm, but tonight seems to be doing fine and ate a good supper too. So, I'm hoping whatever it was passed on by. I know there's a bug circulating in the area. UGH!
Justin went to school at the college, let the dog out at my parent's home, ran some errands of his own, and now he and Jeremy are playing basketball with some other guys from the church.
It's been a pretty long day. I've been doing laundry and still have a good bit to do. I don't know why I've let it pile up so high. But I'm beginning to see the shiny spot at the end of the basket.