Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mom and Ain't He Sweet?

The day I brought mom home with me from the hospital we stopped by her house to see Dolly. Dolly was so happy to see mom. She wanted mom to come inside the house so bad. She was content to visit with her at the car though.

Mom did good today. Her home health nurse, Megan, came out for her first visit. She was impressed at how well mom was doing. She has a couple of weeks before she can really go anywhere. Lord willing, she'll be able to at least attend church one service next week. We'll see how she does.

A couple of weeks ago, Bruce bought a small laptop. And I mean small. Anyway, while we were looking at the computers that night, I saw a little camera case I thought was cute and mentioned to Bruce that I liked it. Well, he ended up taking the very small computer back because he didn't like it and tonight he went to Best Buy and bought a Toshiba. When he came home, he handed me the camera case I liked. Isn't it cute?
There's a zippered pocked in the back where you can put your batteries and SD cards. It's just like a little pocketbook. The thing I love best about this little camera case, is that Bruce remembered me saying in passing that I liked it.
Ain't he sweet?