Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

I had the opportunity to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family this year. I'll admit it was tiring, but it was fun too. Sometimes I think I thrive under pressure. lol

Wednesday morning, the guys got outside raking and blowing leaves.

Our little neighbor boy, Tyler, came over and visited with Justin while he raked leaves. Sweet kid, that one!

Bruce relinquished the blower into the capable hands of our youngest, who felt he had graduated to man-hood seeing how his dad had given him the operating machinery.

Once the leaves were raked, everyone was ready to get ready for the Thanksgiving service at church, where we are given an opportunity to stand and say what we're thankful for. It was a blessing!

My cake baking buddy, Amy, made this cake that daddy ordered from her. Isn't it just the cutest? I dare say it's the BEST she's done yet. It was so good!

The children spent the night with daddy after church. Mom and I took the opportunity to get a jump start on the Thanksgiving meal. She wasn't able to do a lot, but was able to contribute to the meal by doing things while sitting at the table. Here she is preparing the dressing.

I'm not sure what time she got in bed, but it was after 2:00am when I finally laid my weary head down.

Thanksgiving morning, Jeremy came over for a milkshake. I think he had a chocolate milkshake and then one with peanut butter. I had a kit kat milkshake.
Thank you, daddy. They were delish!

John enjoyed his milkshake too.
But I think daddy enjoyed his most of all. lol

Watching football....
My itty bitty, 6' tall, fourteen year old nephew, Michael was there too. I think he stole some of Hannah's height somewhere along the way. She barely comes to his chest. lol

No family picture album is complete without bunny ears.

Hannah was supposed to be straightening her room, but I found her snoozing on the bed instead. :)


This crockpot mac-n-cheese is my mother in law's recipe. It's so good and easy. I was supposed to cook it on low for three hours, but wasn't paying attention and cooked it on high for well over two hours before I realized what I had done. I was glad I added extra milk. It turned out fine.
Bruce prayed and then we did buffet style getting our meal.
The kiddies around the kiddie table are getting older and older! My, how time flies!
Check out that smile...must be good viddles!
Daddy's appetite was good! oops! I forgot to put my all purpose cleaner up.

The dessert table was slap full. My sugar is going up just looking at it.

My college age, adult nieces and their friend were having fun playing on the trampoline.

All the kids, including the little neighbor boy, ended up sitting and talking together. At one point they were all jumping together. That was scary!

Me and my sister-in-law, Jenny. She's having surgery soon to remove her gall bladder. Bless her heart, you could tell she wasn't feeling well.
When everyone was gone, my mother-in-law stopped by for a little bit. We had a good visit with her and then I fought my eyelids to stay open the rest of the evening. When I finally lost the battle with the eyelids, I retired to my bed and had the best night's sleep I've had in a while. I don't think I even turned over in the night.
So how was your Thanksgiving?