Monday, February 28, 2011

Guess What

Last night my niece made my brother a Grandpa, my mother a Great Grandmother, and me a Great Aunt!! How beautiful is he?

Welcome to the world, little one. Welcome to the family.

House on Fire and Anniversary Trips

The fire academy set a controlled fire in a house here in town and had the cadets go in rotations to put it out.

Justin had called to ask me to come take pictures so Harrison and I went up there. I thought little brother would like to go see what big brother was doing.
big brother
little brother
I believe Justin was being told where he was in the rotation. It figured he would be in the last group going in. lol

I snagged this of Harry while we waited for the fire to start.

And then it started.

Justin with a few of the cadets.

This was the fire going when it was Justin's turn to go in.

And there he goes....

And he did come out safely. :)

It took a couple of hours waiting on him to get to his rotation. They'd set the house on fire then send in a couple of cadets to put the fire out. Then they'd set another fire. You can see more pictures by clicking here. As soon as Justin came out I took my very patient younger son to get a cold banana slushie, which he gladly sucked down all the way home. haha

Joel and Pam and their kids came into town from Alabama for their anniversary so our SS class had a get-to-gether for them. Brother Ken made sure we had Tex-Mex seeing it was Brother Joel that introduced us all to that! It was yummy. Whoever did the cooking did a great job.
Hope y'all had a great anniversary. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Goin' To The Chapel...And We're...Gonna Get Married

We had a pantry shower for a lady in our church that is getting married. We are very excited and happy for her. She and her groom-to-be have their homes established already so we had a pantry shower for them. It was nice.

Mrs. Ava and Mrs. Becky did a great job, as usual, with the shower food.

Mrs. Ava asked Mrs. Gayle's best friend...who also happens to be Mrs. bring a Word to the ladies. She did a great job.

My mom was there. :)

After we ate we got to the good part. The gifts!

Of course there were some that still lingered around the cupcakes and peanuts!

Can you blame them?

Rebecca sat with Mrs. Gayle and wrote down the pantry items she received.

There was a lot of laughter last night. Everyone had a good time.

We were all intrigued to see what was in this uniquely wrapped gift, which was a cast iron skillet. I love cast iron!

I love her expressions. :D

The lady in red is Mrs. Malkmus. She and her husband started the Hallelujah Acres. They are such sweet people.

The last gift of the night was a "gag" gift and, trust me, it would make you gag!

POTTED OPOSSUM MEAT!!! There was a story there between her and the lady that gave it to her. So funny.
Then Mrs. Gayle told another hilarious story involving a dead cat and her freezer. We were rolling!!! Even Celine, there, was in shock by this story. Absolutely crazy!!!

So the night was filled with happiness for the bride and groom, funny stories, good food, great fellowship, smiles, and laughter!
Congratulations, Mrs. Gayle, to you and your fella. We can't wait to celebrate your big day with you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely Lunch at Lucille's

My mother's middle name is Lucille, in case you were wondering.
She invited the kids and I over for lunch today so we happily said yes! My mom is a great cook and today she fixed chicken the way I like it, southern green beans, baked potatoes, corn, and biscuits. It was delish!
How she does her boneless skinless chicken is, she'll season it, then batter it in egg and buttermilk, roll it in flour and fry it. Once it is fried, she'll put it in a baking dish and cover it with cream of chicken soup she mixes with some milk and then she bakes it. The chicken becomes tender and mmm, mmm good!

Harrison shoveled in the taters and corn like they'll never be grown again.

Hannah enjoyed hers too. But at this moment she was just stopping to cheese a little for the camera. Very little, obviously. haha

My sweet mama.

For dessert we had some Blue Bunny ice cream. Can you give a shout for Blue Bunny? The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie was so good! I'll be on the look out for that.

After lunch we made our way to the tv room and watched Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm with Shirley Temple. My mother has always loved Shirley Temple. It was cute. We all enjoyed it and most of all we enjoyed time with mom.
Hannah and I will be leaving in a little bit for a pantry shower we're giving for a lady and man in our church that are getting married in the next couple of weeks. I'm very happy for them and look forward to the shower tonight. I'll have pics of that, hopefully, tomorrow.
Thank you, mama, for a superb lunch and the flick. I love you!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Request

Praying for Kristin today. She is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. She's a pastor's wife with young children. Her CATs last night showed a spot on her lung also. They are more concerned about the tumor right now and will investigate the spot on her lung later. There is a possibility that it is from a blood clot she had last year. Please pray for her and her family and for the doctors today.
ETS: They did not do Kristin's surgery. After viewing more tests done before surgery, they found extensive amounts of cancer in her liver and lungs. They want to do a biopsy on the tumor in her head and figure out what kind of cancer they are dealing with and how and if they will do any treatments. This was a huge blow to them, as you can imagine.

Also, the update on Becca is getting better. She is still having some issues. Here is her mom's most recent update: Becca is doing really good, she is having memory issues and is still extremely weak. Has to be fed, can't hold her head up, or her arms and legs. Heard baby's heart rate today, 162, which is real good. Please cont to pray for her strength to increase, and her memory. Thanks so much to EVERYONE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Of Ovens and Friends

Here a few pics of Justin during his training. These were taken a few weeks ago when they were doing a lesson in trusting your fellow fireman. While several held a ladder in the air, one would climb to the top, turn around, and come back down.

He did it! Better him than me!!

One of the guys in the academy took this picture. I liked it.

He came home the other night and was quite dirty, as you can see.

He called Saturday afternoon to say they were getting ready to go into "the oven" and wanted pictures. They heat up a trailer to around 1200 degrees while the students go inside for about twenty minutes.
While the first crew went in the second crew waited outside. Some of them goofing off. Like here. :)

Then it was the second crews turn. He was in the second crew. That's him in the middle.

My fireman. :)

His instructor, Mr. Blanton, was loading "the oven" with wood to be burned.

That's him on the left inside "the oven."

There was a small hole in trailer and his instructor said I could take pics there if I wanted to. This was the best shot I could get. He's in there somewhere.

After twenty minutes, he came out smoldering. He was smokin'! haha

He was really hot. Can you tell? Bless it!
I was proud of him and all the other fellas that went through. I would not have liked that!
Saturday night we went out with our good friends, Mark and Jeannie, to a place called The Carolina Cafe. We went there solely for their honey buttered homemade crescent rolls and wouldn't you know it, they were OUT!

We went to Dairy Queen for dessert. It was yum-O-licious!

We had a very good time with lots of talking and laughs.
Thanks, Mark and Jeannie, for a great night! We enjoyed sharing our date night with y'all.