Friday, February 4, 2011

Inquiring Minds Wanna Know

Here is a question that came the other day from anonymous. After the whole email ordeal I've been more careful about anonymous comments, facebook friend requests, etc. But I decided to answer this comment anyway.

"I like your blog and have followed for a while but sometimes I get confused about where you stand as a fundamentalist. Could you clear that up for us about where you stand on skirts, Bible translations, racism, head coverings, submission, home schooling, home church and anything else that may be associated with fundies? And do you work? If not, how do you feel about women that work outside the home?"

I had no idea I was so confusing, but yes, anonymous, because you were kind in your comment I will answer your question.....or questions. :)

First of all, thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

Am I a fundamentalist?>>>>>>>> YES! I am. I am not a fundamentalist because of the crowd I run with, but rather because I believe in the fundamentals of the Bible.

I usually do not like that term. Mainly because it is associated with so many things now days. Mainstream fundamentalist are labeled this simply because they have different standards and ways of life that the rest of the world just can not understand. Then you have the extreme fundamentals that blow up abortion clinics or the twin towers, for their "cause." I also shiver at being called an IFB Fundamentalist because we tend to club each other over the head on issues, which makes us all look like a bunch of idiots. We tend to forget what the main goal of Christianity is, and that is winning souls to Christ.

I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist, or IFB.

I am KJV only. I believe the King James Bible is the only correct translation for ENGLISH speaking people. There are many that believe it should be for all languages, but it is not. Do I believe a person can be saved reading another version? Yes, I do. Some that run in the IFB circle say that it is impossible. But God is not limited to a version of the Bible and therefore, if He chooses to use another version to speak to the heart of the unsaved who is searching for salvation, I believe He can and will. But the KJV is for me. I do not own another version. I do not want another version. We do not believe the KJV will take us to Heaven. It's whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as your Savior. That is the most important thing. I won't argue over the KJV. For one thing I have never seen anything positive come of it. You won't find me on forums that debate it or passing emails to someone. I think that sometimes fundamentalists get so caught up in fighting their standard that the vision to win souls is lost.
"For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in Heaven." Psalm 119:89

Skirts. I like 'em. I've said it several times here at Thimble Thoughts that the Bible is clear on working out our own salvation. God knows areas in our lives where we need more help than someone else does. And in the area of how a lady should dress, the Lord knew my weaknesses. Do I believe you have to wear jumpers everywhere so people aren't sure if you're coming or going or skirts clear down to the ankles to where your toes are barely sticking out? No. And I have skirts that are knee length, but I do prefer the longer skirts. Bruce wouldn't care if he came out today and saw me in a pair of pants. He probably wouldn't even blink. It's my decision and my conviction and it was made between God and me. Some of the Godliest women in my life wear pants. Am I Godlier than them because I don't? Absolutely not. It's just something that God and I worked out together in my own salvation. I do believe in modesty. There are many ways to define it. And that is a WHOLE other blog post. LOL
"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety: not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;" 1 Timothy 2:9

Racism. It does not fit in with my type of fundamentalism. So to answer the question, I'm against it. Red, and yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight. God is not a respecter of persons. Every soul is precious. The "whosoever will" is not just for the white, IFB Christian, and we are told in Matthew 28 to go out into all the world, preaching the gospel and baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
"Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons." Acts 10:34

Head coverings. I really don't have any thoughts on head coverings, except I have never thought a lady needed one to show submission to her husband. The Bible is clear that our hair is our covering. I don't think our hair has to be clear down to our waist though, either. Not that I mind it. As a matter of fact, if Hannah's hair wasn't so thick and heavy she would have it. And if mine would grow nicely past my shoulders, so would I. Back to coverings... I've never known anyone in person that uses a head covering. I have seen some other bloggy friends use them though. Again, I believe that is an area where you have to work out your own salvation. If you think God would have you cover your head with something other than your hair, then cover away. But I can't find anywhere in Scripture where we need to do that. Therefore, I do not use head coverings and God has never dealt with me about that.
"But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." I Corinthians 11:15

Submission. Oh me. This is such a broad topic with so many different views. I do believe God set up a chain of command for the home. From top to bottom is God, the husband, the wife, the children. Children obey the parents, wife obeys the husband, and husband obeys God. But the Bible also says that the husband is to love the wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. I have seen marriages where the husband likes to spout off the submission verses, but tends to skip over the whole love your wife part. And vice versa, actually. In our home, I believe Bruce has the final say in everything, but fortunately, Bruce isn't the type that believes he HAS to have the final say in everything. We talk and discuss things, weigh our pros and cons, and make decisions together. But if there is a decision made and I disagree with it, I let him know I disagree, but I won't fight with him over it. See, I don't have to give an account for the decisions he makes in our home. I'll only be accountable for how I respond. I heard someone at a ladies meeting say one time, "Submission is 1% action and 99% attitude." And that's what I believe. As my Pastor has said before, anything with two heads is a monster.
"For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church: and he is saviour of the body." Ephesians 5:23

Homeschooling. We homeschool our children. I use to think that homeschooling was for everyone and was somewhat of a homeschool snob. But God showed me early on in my homeschooling endeavors that good kids come from Christian schools and public schools too and my kids have formed some tremendous friendships with children from all types of educational backgrounds. For us, homeschooling is certainly a conviction and I try to encourage and help those that are getting started just like a friend of mine helped me. Most people want to know, first thing, where we stand on socialization. We're for it! I don't believe we have to keep our kids away from every person that does not think like us. Giving them opportunity to socialize can be a great way of training them in everyday situations that they will encounter later and when we're not around for them to ask us how they should handle it. Usually when something happens, we always sit down as a family and discuss it, go over from a social standpoint and a Biblical standpoint of why or why not what happened was wrong or right.
"And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." Deuteronomy 6:7

Home church. I had never heard of home churches until a couple of years ago. I really didn't know what to think of it, but after searching the Scriptures I can't see where it is Biblical. I understand that the reasoning behind it is because the first churches were started in the homes. And that's great and all, but God set up the church to be distinct and laid out a specific plan and order for how the church was to be set up. I could be wrong, but from what I have seen in home churches, it's more like a big Bible study where there is no real Pastor, but the men take turns giving the Bible lessons. As it stands right now, I do not believe in home churches or that they are ordained of God. If people want to get together for Bible studies, that's great, but we should all be a part of a local church, which is set up in God's design. Again, there was a reason God designed the church the way He did and established the under shepherd, which is the PASTOR. You can study on all of that in I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus, and Acts.

Do I work? I have not worked outside the home in fifteen years. I am currently trying to start a photography business. So far it is going good. I think I've come a pretty good way since I started just taking pictures. I still have some things to learn. I'm reading more and watching tutorials and I hope that the business takes off because I love it. Because we homeschool, it is a way to, not only earn a small income, but it's something I can work around our schedules. Even the Proverbs 31 woman worked to help earn for her family. On top of loving to take photographs, I like to see the look on people's faces when they love their pictures. I also clean a house every other week. I've been doing that since sometime in September.
"She maketh fine linen and selleth it; and delivereth girdles to the merchant." Proverbs 31:24

No, I do not have a problem with women that work outside the home. My mother worked when I was growing up, but she was always home before we left for school and she was home when we got home from school. So I know she worked, but I don't remember having a "working mom", if that makes sense. Once we were all grown, she took a job as internal auditor for a company based in Savannah, Georgia. She traveled Monday through Friday across the Eastern US, and came home for the weekend. She loved it. I did not love it, but only because I worried for her safety. My dad missed her through the week, but he was fine with her working and when he would have time off or if she had to work through the weekend, he would go with her or drive to wherever she was. If daddy had not wanted her to take the job, she wouldn't have. She seemed to always be able to balance being a Godly mom and wife, who also happened to work outside the home. She was a great example to me in that area and I can respect the many Christian women in my life that continue to keep their home and work outside of it too. The Bible says that we, women, are to be keepers at home. I think as long as you're able to work outside the home, without neglecting the role God laid out for you as a keeper at home, there is nothing wrong with working outside the home.
"To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." Titus 2:5

I can't think of anything else about "fundies" that you would want to know. But you're always welcome to ask. Thank you again, Anonymous. I hope this answers some of your questions and you are less confused about where I stand as a fundamentalist.