Monday, February 21, 2011

Of Ovens and Friends

Here a few pics of Justin during his training. These were taken a few weeks ago when they were doing a lesson in trusting your fellow fireman. While several held a ladder in the air, one would climb to the top, turn around, and come back down.

He did it! Better him than me!!

One of the guys in the academy took this picture. I liked it.

He came home the other night and was quite dirty, as you can see.

He called Saturday afternoon to say they were getting ready to go into "the oven" and wanted pictures. They heat up a trailer to around 1200 degrees while the students go inside for about twenty minutes.
While the first crew went in the second crew waited outside. Some of them goofing off. Like here. :)

Then it was the second crews turn. He was in the second crew. That's him in the middle.

My fireman. :)

His instructor, Mr. Blanton, was loading "the oven" with wood to be burned.

That's him on the left inside "the oven."

There was a small hole in trailer and his instructor said I could take pics there if I wanted to. This was the best shot I could get. He's in there somewhere.

After twenty minutes, he came out smoldering. He was smokin'! haha

He was really hot. Can you tell? Bless it!
I was proud of him and all the other fellas that went through. I would not have liked that!
Saturday night we went out with our good friends, Mark and Jeannie, to a place called The Carolina Cafe. We went there solely for their honey buttered homemade crescent rolls and wouldn't you know it, they were OUT!

We went to Dairy Queen for dessert. It was yum-O-licious!

We had a very good time with lots of talking and laughs.
Thanks, Mark and Jeannie, for a great night! We enjoyed sharing our date night with y'all.