Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inquiring Minds, Prayer Requests, and Vintage

Anonymous, I did answer your question, but the special prayer request pushed it down. So you can read what I believe about salvation here. :)

Here's an update from Becca's dad: "Not much of an update, but Becca really needs prayer today. Doctors and nurses are really working hard but she needs a miracle."

She definitely needs prayer. Please pray.

The other night we went to hear our Associate Pastor preach and hear our bluegrass group, Vintage play and sing at a local church that was having special services for a missionary couple we know.

We didn't have much time so we stopped at Burker King for supper. Bruce was very hungry, and obviously very thankful. haha And no, he did NOT eat two whoppers and two fries. One of those whoppers and fries were Justin's. :) He's so crazy. Gotta love him!

Me and my little son. Yeah, right!!

Vintage was getting set up. Justin has recently started playing the banjo for the group and he's donig a great job. He never ceases to amaze me. And Hannah too. She is something else on the piano. She's getting better and better but still won't play in public. I suppose if she enjoys it for herself that's good enough for now. I know I sure enjoy it!

The meeting was actually for Brother Leroy and Mrs. Joyce. They're going to be missionaries and the pastor of this church wanted to have a special service for them with all the offering going to them for their missions. They were thankful for that.

And then Brother Johnny preached. I get so tickled at him sometimes. He is so animated with his eyes and voice inflections. I get cracked up at him but his messages are always great.

We had a good time and enjoyed the service. I just found out last night that Tony Hutson was at a nearby church. I would have loved to have gone. Tonight we'll be at our own church and tomorrow night our church is having the Inspirations. So we'll be there. Lord willing we'll be able to hear Brother Hutson Friday night if he's going to be there. If not, that's ok. We're excited about going to his teen camp meeting in April. It's always good.