Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Special Request

A childhood friend and her family are going through a very hard time right now. Her daughter, (Becca) is a newlywed, and expecting their first child. She came down with pneumonia, as well as other medical problems, the latter part of January. February 1st they put Becca in a medically induced coma.
So far the baby and mom are doing ok. According to her dad last night, she is off her pain meds and her stats are great and they want her to come out of her coma. However, this morning, she still has not woke up and they are doing a CT scan to see what is going on.

It seemed to be looking very grim just days ago, but Becca has made great improvements. The family is asking everyone that will, to please pray for her and the baby. And the doctors as they work to help her get better.

She is Becca Garrett. Remember her husband and parents also. This has been very difficult for them all.
ETS: Becca's mom updated her fb page with this: This morn she wasnt responding to nurse, so they took her off all sedatives. She responded a little to induced pain later in the day. They have since reduced vent to 35% if she can hold her own they will reduce it again tomorrow. MD wants to order a CT if she cont to not respond, but other MD say its normal with all the meds she has been on. Please continue to pray for healing. Thanks