Monday, August 31, 2009

Had a good weekend!

We had the revival service on Friday. We don't get to spend a whole lot of time with Kelsey's parents so the trip up and back on the bus with them was nice. I enjoyed it very much!

Kelsey spent the evening with us Saturday. She and Justin played some games at the table while I fixed up some grub. She's such a sweet girl. We enjoy having her here.

I felt good when I went to bed, but at 5:30 woke up feeling like my stomach was turning inside out. Sure enough, it was! Once I bowed before the porcelain throne, I felt a little better but felt sick off and on all day Sunday, followed by a POUNDING headache around noon. It lasted the rest of the evening.

I have felt better today, but still a little queasy. Oh well....this too shall pass, right?

We started school today. Hannah and I spent a good while on Algebra, but we were victorious and ended the school day with smiles. Thank the Lord!

Supper is finished cooking, and Lord willing, my mom will be picking Hannah and I up for the ladies Bible study here shortly. I'm looking forward to it. I missed it last week. :(

Here is a video of a man singing at the revival service Friday with Brother Tony Hutson.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pranks and Revival

Last night we went to hear Brother Tony Hutson at Blessed Hope Baptist Church in York. We just love Brother Hutson.
His sermon was "Tighten the Grip" from Hebrews 2:1-3 and 1:1-11.
Tighten the grip on our doctrine!!! The WORD of God WAS not in inspired, it IS inspired. He is the God of inspiration. Jesus Christ is our inspiration. He is the God of salvation. He is better than any other god, because he's REAL! He does not ask us to die for Him. Only to LIVE for Him! He is the God of indignation. He is a just God. Do not mistake his meekness for weakness. He is the God of creation! He is the God of continuation. He is always the same. Never changes, never will.
Tighten the grip on our doctrine. There is no part of it that we can do without! Earnestly contend for the faith. Tighten the grip on our intensity. Don't sit down on the job. Anything you can do for Jesus Christ, do it! Stay on fire!! Find God's perfect will for your life, and do it! You'll never hear, "Well done" if you have not done well. Too many things come before God now.

Blessed Hope's youth choir sang I Have Been Blessed. One of our favorites at Faith. :)

I didn't catch this man's name, but he sang really good. I have a video of him that I'll post later this week.

Brother Hutson called all the youth to the front of the church and talked to them about the God of creation.

I love going to local revival meetings and camp meetings because there's always going to be people there you know from other churches or from your past. If you'll remember, our Pastor was in revival at a church a couple of weeks ago and I did not get a picture of their Pastor's youngest daughter. But guess who was there last night! Yep! Katie. Katie is a peach, no lie! I just fell instantly in love with her the moment I met her. Katie has Down Syndrome. I've always respected her parents for never allowing her special needs to get in the way of totally being sold out to the Lord and throwing themselves into the ministry. Especially during the events that took place in their lives before they had Katie. It would have been very easy to give up. But they have pressed on!

Me and Katie....ain't she sweet? I was so happy when I saw her last night.

Ok, so down here in these parts of North Carolina, Sun Drop is THE soda everyone loves. I love Sun Drop too. And when I go to pour me a glass I get upset when someone (JUSTIN) leaves the cap loose and all the fizzy (carbonation) is gone. So yesterday when that happened, I decided to get Justin back. I "made" my own version of Sun Drop and poured it back into the bottle.

Last night after revival, Justin came in and was getting ready to turn the bottle up to drink it and was surprised by, instead of Sun Drop, 1/4 water, a drop of food coloring, and 3/4 VINEGAR! I caught it on video. Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Request From Mrs. Tammy

Mrs. Tammy Griffin, our pianist at church, called today and wanted to know if I would post a request for her step dad, Brother Leroy Griffin.

Brother Griffin, who within the last couple of years, surrendered to missions, has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. He is at CMC now, after an episode yesterday. Please say a prayer for him and pass the word along to other members in our church.

Click here for a better understanding of this illness.


Scrapbook Fun!

I haven't scrapped with anyone in a long time. So when my friend, Betsy, invited me over to scrapbook I jumped! We've had it planned for weeks and I am so glad we were able to get together.

Betsy is a friend from a long time ago. We worked together at the grocery store where Bruce and I met back in high school. She lives in a housing development, not more than just a couple of minutes from me now.

Betsy is an oncology nurse, and I can't think of anyone better suited for that job. She has a very bubbly personality along with a tender-hearted spirit. Those needing an uplifting after they've been told they have cancer, need someone like Betsy. I admire her chosen profession.

She has a great house with a huge backyard. I tried to tell her she needs my dog, since she obviously has a heart for animals, but I just couldn't seem to convince her. Oh well.

When I got to her house, she showed me all of her scrapbook play-pretties. Her king-daddy cricut and cartridges, and all the accessories, along with the sticker maker. She spent about thirty minutes trying to figure out how to get the cartridge for the sticker maker inserted. Finally, she figured out it wasn't suppose to fit the one she was trying to fit it in. So she got the other one and it slipped right in. YAY STICKERS! :D

I was checking out her cricut when she yelped from the kitchen. She was putting a pizza in the oven and caught her oven mitts on fire. We hoped the rest of the night would go more smoothly. And it did. :)

Her friend Starr showed up and we ate pizza, watched a couple of funny YouTube videos on Starr's phone and then got to work on scrapbooking. I forgot how much time it takes to set up. Here's Betsy with her Creative Memory pens. At least I think they were Creative Memory.

And here is the sticker maker. I loved this little machine. I want one. I won't say I want hers, because that would be coveting. But if the only way I could have one, was to take hers, I would. hehe

Thanks for a great time, Betsy! It was fun and I look forward to doing it again. Love ya!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

God Is So Good To Me...Even in the Fire

It never ceases to amaze me when God gives me a Word just when I need it. Pastor's sermon was on the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, Daniel 3:19-25. We will never know the blessings of God until He is preeminent in our lives.

He also read Isaiah 48:10 "Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of the affliction." God chooses us to face our trials. He chooses our afflictions. Through our trials and our afflictions, He refines us. Others will see Jesus through us, if we refuse to bow to our afflictions.

So many times people will use their affliction and trial as an excuse for not going to church or for not serving, or for not doing whatever it is the Lord would will for their lives.

But God's choice makes chosen men, choice men! <---I like that!! Our afflictions will keep us humble. Our afflictions will keep us holy. God can not fellowship with His children if they are in sin. The Hebrew children were thrown into the furnace, but who did they see in the fire with them? JESUS! God will elevate us in our trials. There is no reason to worry. Worry does not help our circumstance. Be willing to allow God to afflict you so that He can use you!
This is our ladies trio singing at the revival Pastor preached at the other week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If I Might Say a Word

A couple of weeks ago there was a lady that visited our church on a Sunday night. She came in late and slipped in near the back. She came in just as the singing was finishing up and Pastor was ready to preach. At the close of the service, she came forward. There were several that knelt around her to pray while our Pastor's wife dealt with her. She was obviously a broken vessel.

Later, she told our Pastor that she had gone to five different churches before finding ours. Each of those five churches had been closed. No services on Sunday nights.

I've always wondered why it is that people can not give an entire day to the Lord. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. Is it because they feel a desperate need for family time? What better way to have family time than in the house of God. There are six other days of the week for family time. It is not God's fault if we fill those other days with unnecessary activities that scatter our families to the four winds.

Shouldn't we be teaching our children that being in God's house is a priority on Sunday and mid-week meetings? A time to worship and praise Him. I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD. A time for our hearts to heal when they have been broken? A time for giving thanks to The Great I Am?

A time for seeing our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another..... I wonder where this Sister would have ended up that night had the church doors been closed. Had there not been a place for her on the Lord's Day to receive the exhortation and prayer she needed. No public alter to kneel before as she gave some things to God.

I'm thankful for my Sunday night services. If they were of no importance, we would not see God work and move in ways that astound us. If they were of no importance, we would not feel the presence of the Almighty moving among His people.

What happens to those on the Lord's Day, who are searching for that open door? A place where they believe they might receive the help they need?

Where there is no vision, the people perish....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Master of the Storms

During my morning devotions today I came across this verse and, as usual, the Lord gave it at just the right time. Not only did it help me, but I've been able to share it with others today that are facing storms, greater than mine.

Psalm 89:9 "Thou rulest the raging of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them."

There is no storm, no matter how small, nor matter how big, that God can not still. He is the Master of the storm and He controls them all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Exciting Changes!!

Lots of changes going on at church. Exciting changes! We're all having fun watching the new parsonage put together on the church property. It will be so pretty when it's finished!

Kelsey sang with the Bluegrass group last night and did a great job. It was good hearing her up there.

Allie and Blake were baptized last night. That was exciting. It's always good seeing people saved and baptized. We see it often at Faith, but it never gets old! :D

We had a fellowship after church last night to kick off the new Sigma year. I think this is the most exciting news of all! We'll be spending the Sigma year up in the main church for the preaching on Wednesday nights. The way it's set up, we'll actually be having more Sigma time. We'll still have teams, and we'll have Sigma Saturdays once a month. That sounds fun! The teens will be able to say their verses and turn in their devotion papers on Sunday mornings before Sunday school starts and also on Sigma Saturdays. So we're looking forward to this change and can't wait to see what happens in this new year. There are other changes along with this, such as the junior ushers will be able to continue ushering, the youth ensembles and singing groups will be singing more, and we'll be hearing from some of our young preacher boys. I think this is absolutely the best part of all!!!
Another exciting change is our ABC students are back for the school year. So we'll have Doug, Nathan, and Elizabeth back with us. YAY! We love them.
Here is a video of Pure Harmony singing So Much To Thank Him For. Pure Harmony is our bluegrass group with Mark, Crystal, and Kelsey on vocals. ENJOY!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Date Night!

I've had a pretty long day. I woke up this morning at 4:00 with a migraine. I was able to go back to sleep around 5:30 or so. But didn't sleep much longer after that. Bruce was home at 6:30 and I was pretty much awake after he came home. The pain was almost unbearable. I was getting sick on my stomach, the morning light was more annoying than refreshing, and blinking was like being hit in the eye. I took two Aleve, which as you know, are good for twelve hours. It took about six hours before they started working. Once it felt like the pain was subsiding I started doing things around the house. By the time Bruce got back from running this afternoon, the house was clean, I had my shower, and was dressed and ready to date my man. Although still somewhat tender behind my eyes. If you have NEVER had a migraine, you've missed a real treat!

Justin is at the County Jamboree with his friends, Hannah and Harrison are at mom and dad's, and we were carefree. The Jamboree is where the local high school football teams get together to kick off the football season. And so it begins....

While Bruce and I were getting ready to leave the Chinese restaurant, there was a lady that came in. I kept looking at her and thought she looked familiar, but couldn't place where I knew her from. Come to find out, she had gone to school with Bruce and was one of my facebook friends. HA! It was nice meeting her and her husband, putting an actual person to a virtual friend. I thought that was neat.

We walked down to the dollar tree. Bruce found a Scientific calculator there. We weren't sure it would work considering they spelled "Algebra" wrong on the package. But for a dollar, we'll give it a try. hehe

We ended the night visiting his mom. He usually visits with her when he cuts her grass, but his visit was interrupted this week. So we stopped in to say hello and had a good visit.

I enjoyed the time we spent just riding around together and talking. Laughing, snuggling, singing with the radio, etc. I always have a good time with my sweetie.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little More Revival and Another Golden Nugget From The WORD

Tuesday night of the revival last week, we were so happy that Ally came forward to get saved. She is Kelsey's baby sister. She'll be baptized this Sunday night and I am very excited to see that!

I told you in an earlier post that I had known Brother and Mrs. Reese for a while. Since I was in the seventh grade, actually. They have really thrown themselves into the ministry and have a great church across town.

They have had their share of mountains and valleys and yet they just keep, keepin' on! I admire them for that.
I remember as a teenager, I was dabbling in things I shouldn't have and got caught at school. They were within every right to expel me. Instead, they suspended me for two weeks and I believe it was because of who my parent's were. I'll never forget walking back into the school that first day after suspension. One of the other girls came to me and, very smugly, said, "I don't know why they didn't expel you and I don't know why they're giving you a party today! That's just stupid!" I thought to myself, A party? Sure enough, they had a party to welcome me back. Like the prodigal son. That humbled me more than they will EVER know. It meant a great deal to me and something I will NEVER forget!

This is their youngest son, Jordan. Last memory I had of him, he was running around with a sucker in his mouth, wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt. Look at him now!

Next is their oldest son, Ben. A spirited little boy all grown up to be one of Gastonia's finest. A favorite memory of Ben is when he was little and upset he would tell his mother, "I don't love you!" She would always calmly reply, "Well, that's ok, I still love you very much." He would get so upset and yell out, "NO! I DON'T WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!!" LOL It was hilarious.

And then there's Dana. Dana is the oldest and she was always a perfect image of her mother. Sassy, truthful, and sweet. I always picture her as a little girl with very long pig tails and a smile, much like the one in this picture. She was always a happy little girl. And now she's a mommy and happier than she's probably ever been.

There is one more daughter. The youngest, Katie. She is an absolutely wonderful child. If I could have stolen her, I would. Unfortunately, she was all over the church and I never did get a picture of her. :(
Dana's husband, Jonah, is the youth pastor at their church and he has a very tender heart, much like his father-in-law. I liked hearing Jonah pray! He is a very fortunate man to be married into such a great family.

I did not catch this man's name, but he's the song leader at their church and reminded me so much of Mander's dad, Brother Fox. Those of you that go to Faith, don't you agree????

Little Golden Nugget...
This morning in Bruce's Bible reading he came across a verse and read it to us tonight during family devotions. I was amazed at how it fit with yesterday's post...
Zephaniah 3:2 "She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the LORD; she drew not near to her God."

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Thought About Eternity

I've been thinking about the future. Eternity, to be exact. There was something that took place in my life recently and I feel like there are many things that could be said and many things that could be done, but the best words come from THE Word, and the best things that could be done are done by the Lord.

When dealing with people about their salvation or their spiritual welfare, there is only so much you can say and do. And when you suggest seeking help from the Pastor or from another spiritual leader but they refuse, there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing you say is going to be taken as advice and followed through on. It's going to be your opinion and they will argue that you just don't understand. It is then you have to throw up your hands and just give them to the Lord. You don't give up on them, but there is really nothing more you can do but pray for them.

If you get the impression they are placing blame on you for their lack of willingness to give in to the Holy Spirit, for their fighting against what they know is right, remember that they are only fighting a spiritual battle and not really you. When the time comes to stand before the Lord, your hands will be clean. The blame will be their own. They will give account for hearing the Word and not accepting. They will give account for not taking advice and seeking a spiritual leader in their lives. God will tell them, "Depart, I knew you not." And that will be the saddest outcome of that situation.

Whether or not they are faithful to church or involved in ministries is not important. Church and being involved in ministries does not take you to Heaven.

Tonight in family devotions, one of Bruce's verses focused on Nahum 1:7 "The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet."

The Lord is slow to anger. A sinner who knows what they must do to be saved, but resists the Holy Spirit, may get by with that for a very long time before they give in. Maybe they'll never give in at all. If they do give in to the Holy Spirit, wonderful! But if they continue to resist, knowing they are bound for Hell and die in that sin, the Lord will not AT ALL acquit them. Acquit means to declare not guilty. They will be held accountable and will be found guilty for denying the One that gave His life so freely for them.

"...the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet." A mighty GOD is in control and we should be aware of His presence!

The other verse Bruce focused on was Nahum 1:7 "The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble: and he knoweth them that trust in him." Christians have a LORD to look to when their life takes unexpected turns and paths. He is our strong hold when we can not go on. When the valley is too dark and lonely, He knows us. But for those who have never trusted in Him, they do not know Him and He does not know them. He is not their strong hold. He is not their refuge. How difficult life must be for those who do not know Him!

There is nothing too big for God. There is nothing in our lives that can weigh us down when we are His child. There is no mountain He can not move. No valley He can not deliver us from.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Revival Last Week

Pastor Goodman was in revival at a local church. The Pastor is Brother Wayne Reese. He was the principal of my Christian school and his wife was my ACE teacher. They are so sweet and I just love them so much. It was great to see them last week.

And oh my....this girl could really sing! She and her husband are going to Belize to be missionaries. I mean she was just great! I enjoyed her very much!

Sons of Faith came to support Pastor and sing a few songs. They did a great job and I think their church enjoyed them too.

Pastor preached on what to expect from God. I needed that message. It was right on time! Here's a short clip of his opening....

I'll post a little more from these services throughout the week. :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is my daddy's sixty-fourth birthday. WHOOT! We'll be celebrating this evening with my family coming over for a meal of tacos, Spanish rice, refried beans, and marble cake for dessert. Brother John O' said it was National Creamsicle Day today so since daddy loves creamsicle and it's his birthday, I bought the creamsicle ice cream to go with his cake. :D

Daddy asked me a couple of weeks ago if there was anything that stood out in my mind about him from my childhood. There were many things that came to mind.

*Dancing with him on his feet

*Eating ice cream with him when he would get home from work on second shift

*How he would make me a grilled cheese sandwich, with crispy edges, dripping in butter when I got home from work as a teenager

*Always willing to slip me cash.....knowing he would never see the change, but hear the words, "I'll bring you back the change" anyway.

*Making sure I dressed right and lived right

*Teaching me the values of a goodly heritage

*Wearing Marx glasses with bushy eyebrows and a mustache, as we drove down the road waving at strangers we passed

*Being in the church house every single time the doors were opened

*Loving me when I disappointed him the most

*Sitting in restaurants with spoons dangling from our noses

*The THOUSANDS of sodas and Little Debbie snacks he bought me driving around town

*The hundreds of dollars in quarters he dropped in the Ms Pac Man machine at R&H Superette on the way home from church every Sunday and Wednesday night

*Working with him when he owned his lawn service and him paying me more than I deserved

*The numerous trips to Ohio that were made fun by playing "road games" and singing the dumbest songs ever

*Listening to hilarious stories of his childhood that I could hear over and over again

*Seeing his face light up the first time he held his first grandchild his first trip overseas

*Watching him leave a well of strength for others when he walked through his darkest valley of his firstborn's death

*Sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs making fun of mom. Poor mom

*Feeling relief when his police car pulled up in the driveway after he had been in a shoot out and he got out smiling showing off the bullet holes in the car and how close they were to his head

*Laughing when he called mom from work, needing her to bring him his gun that he had forgotten to put in its holster HELLO! POLICEMAN!!!

*The numerous times his pants have fallen down in public before he finally started wearing suspenders!!!

*All those times I felt sorry for him that all he "....had to eat today was a moldy piece of bread and stale potato chips."

*The patience he showed while teaching me to drive. And then more patience when teaching me to drive a straight drive

*The numerous times he asked a waitress, "Is this guaranteed not to rust, must, or collect dust for ninety days or double my money back?

Daddy taught me how to love, that laughter really is the best medicine, and to love thy God with all thine heart, and with all thine soul, and with all thine might.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! I love you all the way to Heaven.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Our Pastor has been in revival at a local church and the Lord allowed our family to be in attendance four of the five nights he's there. It has been a well and an oasis. I love to hear him preach and I love to hear him in revival meetings, so it's been a treat this week.

Tonight his sermon was, "Get A Life!" Here is a little bit of the outline.

I Timothy 6:12, "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses."

To lay hold means to embrace it. Get involved in the work of Christ. Work it seven days a week, not just on Sunday.

Praise God on the mountain top, but praise him in the valley too. Praising God will keep you from grumbling when you're "under the circumstances." No matter where you are, He is there...PRAISE HIM!

Every decision a seven-day-a-week Christian makes will be based on the Word of God.

And if you're criticizing your Holy Ghost church, you need to GET A LIFE! Here's how:

*Have a touched life! It takes a Holy Ghost conviction to have a touched life. Stop ignoring the Holy Ghost. Allow Him to move in your life. Allow Him to touch your life!

*Have a transformed and terminated life! Conform to His image and be transformed. Die to self and terminate the "I". "I...", "I...", "I..." Stop seeking out what God and the church can do for you and do something for GOD!

*Have a transplanted life. Transfer your life from the old to the new! Change sides! And exchange this life for the new life!

Speaking Too Quickly, Dogsitting, and Revival

There is so much on my mind right now. Things going through my head and I don't know if I should post them or not. Sometimes I think we, (bloggers), become so agitated, because of human nature, that we use our words and thoughts on our blogs to vent our frustrations when sometimes things are better left unsaid and left in the hands of the Lord. Or better if we just wait to see what He wants us to say instead of the first thing that comes to mind.

I feel like I have something to say, but need to make sure I'm saying it in the right spirit. It will be offensive, I know, and that's ok. The Bible is offensive to those who do not live it. I just want to make sure that what I say is not my opinion, but Biblical truth. As Pastor Goodman says often, "I would rather hear one, 'thus saith the Lord', than a thousand, 'In my opinion.'"

It's been a good day. I just pulled a pan of oven fried chicken from the oven and Hannah popped in a skillet of cornbread. Mashed potatoes and southern style green beans for the sides. I'm hungry smelling that cornbread!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!! :D

We've been dog sitting for my favorite little girls, Celine and Carissa. Someone asked me the other day if I babysat them. I do babysit them from time to time. I guess you can call it that. They're like my own children so when they're here I don't feel like I'm babysitting. I've missed them while they've been on vacation. I know they're having a ball with their parents and grandparents. Anyway, their dog is so cute. I may just end up keeping her!! Although I would have to fight Celine and Carissa for her. She's small, but not one of those yappy small dogs.
We've had fun with her this week.
We've also had fun at Bright Light's Mission Revival this week. Monday night, Pastor preached on what to expect from God. Wow, did I ever need that! Tuesday night it just got HOT in there. And I don't mean the temperature. I mean meetin'! It was so good I was just bubbling over when we got home. Wed night we were in our own church, of course, and Brother RJ preached a GREAT message from Psalm 121 and 122:1. Another message my heart and mind needed. God always knows what we need when we need it!! So I'm looking forward to tonight's service and going expecting something great from God to my heart.
I love Him.

Monday, August 10, 2009

VBS 2009....Be sure to catch the video of who won the penny war!

Last Monday we began our VBS 2009, Western Round Up! This is our traditional puppet box. But we decided to add some farm animals to the mix with our theme and.....

...this is what it looked like when we were finished. Mrs. Janet found some black material and we covered those last two windows with it. It looked FABULOUS!

And just look at that piggy in the mud! How cute is he? :)

Lots of children showed up for VBS this week.

I believe our highest night was just over 260. That was a blessing!

Cameron found a cricket. He loves bugs. He carried it around on his finger like this until it was time to go in from playing. And when it was time to go in, he just flung it in the air at a hundred miles an hour and ran off. Poor cricket. hehe

This is my class holding the rope on the way down to closing assembly. They were the SUCH great kids this week. I love them!!!!


A few of the "cool" puppets. :D

Daddy in his western round up clothes.

I thought this was funny. The children would bring their pennies in sandwich baggies and when they had dumped their pennies into their bucket, they'd just throw their baggies on the alter. That just cracked me up for some reason.

Bible Time!

For craft one night we made door hangers. This little boy's name was Will and I liked how his hanger turned out. "Jesus Will." There's a message in that, huh?

Poppy and Baby girl....awwww

Love this little girl's eyes.

Yelling for the puppets to come out.

Isn't she cute?

More Bible Time!

One night we had a snow cone machine. Oh, the children sure did enjoy those on that hot day!!

Kelsey and Justin working the puppets

Baby Doll got to hold a flag one night. Doesn't she look like the all American sweetie?

Friday night was our big air slide night. This was a HUGE hit with the kiddos!

We also had hot dogs with Mrs. Janet's chili. Mmmm....I just eat her chili on a bun. It's so good! There were several hundreds of hot dogs, and only three were left. Those were hungry babes!

My class made cowboy hats on Monday and this was them ready to go Friday night for their closing assembly.

Each year we have a penny war between the boys and the girls. The boys won most of the nights, but Friday night was the most important. Friday night was when we found out who would get the pie....Brother Greg or Mrs. Janet? Here's a video so you can see if the boys or the girls won. There's a surprise ending to this video too. Funny stuff.....

And here are the pictures of "pie time."

Poor Brother Greg!

Poor Mrs. Janet. Almost doesn't seem fair, does it?
There were several men....and help with the penny mess. Brother RJ was standing in the middle isle telling the children, "Back up! Back up, please!!" It was hilarious!!! Total penny mayhem!
VBS expenses....$500.00
Twenty-seven souls saved....PRICELESS!