Monday, August 31, 2009

Had a good weekend!

We had the revival service on Friday. We don't get to spend a whole lot of time with Kelsey's parents so the trip up and back on the bus with them was nice. I enjoyed it very much!

Kelsey spent the evening with us Saturday. She and Justin played some games at the table while I fixed up some grub. She's such a sweet girl. We enjoy having her here.

I felt good when I went to bed, but at 5:30 woke up feeling like my stomach was turning inside out. Sure enough, it was! Once I bowed before the porcelain throne, I felt a little better but felt sick off and on all day Sunday, followed by a POUNDING headache around noon. It lasted the rest of the evening.

I have felt better today, but still a little queasy. Oh well....this too shall pass, right?

We started school today. Hannah and I spent a good while on Algebra, but we were victorious and ended the school day with smiles. Thank the Lord!

Supper is finished cooking, and Lord willing, my mom will be picking Hannah and I up for the ladies Bible study here shortly. I'm looking forward to it. I missed it last week. :(

Here is a video of a man singing at the revival service Friday with Brother Tony Hutson.