Monday, August 30, 2010


Brother Tony Hutson will be with us this week. We are very excited and happy that he is coming. I've been looking forward to this ever since Pastor announced he was coming.

He's also going to be at another local church next month!! Lord willing we'll be making it to that, at least one of those nights.

Below is part of tonight's sermon outline, taken from Luke 19:29-31....

In Order For God To Be On Me, There Has To Be:






"God won't use a donkey that won't listen!" ~Brother Tony Hutson

It was so great seeing preachers and pastors from all over this area gather at the alter and fellowship with one another. They came from Faith, Bethel, Love Valley, First Love, Landmark (Gastonia) and other neighboring churches. Preachers from the Crossroad's Rescue Mission and the Master's House. They were lined up all along the alter and it was a blessing to see those TRUE men of God praying together and having a time of fellowship with one another.

We're looking forward to tomorrow night.

Sleepless Weekend

Bruce and I went on our Friday date night and it was a lot of fun. I wanted to play putt putt, but the truth of it is, we were both exhausted. So after we ate supper and stopped for a milkshake we headed on home. But not before stopping to pick the kids up a frosty from Wendy's. Bruce always brings them back something on Friday night. It's so funny, too, because if they hear us pull up in the driveway, they'll pile out on porch to see what goodies we brought home. And what's so crazy is we usually bring home Krispy Kreme when we get out to Gastonia, and although we were RIGHT THERE, I don't think either one of us even thought about it because we were so tired. LOL

Anyway, we came home and watched a movie with the Hannah and Harry and then crashed. And boy, did we crash!! It wasn't even 11:30 yet and I was sound asleep. But around 1:45 am, I was startled up out of bed when a small gnat flew up my nostril. I jumped up in the dark, making my way to the bathroom, all the time blowing my nose.

Of course this woke Bruce up who asked, "Are you ok?" Well, I was, indeed, ok, so I crawled back in bed. But I couldn't go back to sleep.

I've agreed to do something for someone and, although very excited about the opportunity, I am really scared too! But I know the Lord will help me do a good job for them and I'm looking forward to it. At any rate, it kept me up thinking of all the different things I'll need to do.

About an hour after the gnat incident and laying there thinking, Bruce woke up to use the bathroom. He never did go back to sleep after that and quite frankly, neither did I. I had stopped thinking about my upcoming opportunity (which I promise to elaborate on later) and started thinking about the ladies meeting I was going to Saturday morning. Which was in just a few hours.

Thinking about the ladies meeting got me thinking about grocery shopping and some things we really needed picked up before the kids got up for breakfast. And what would Bruce and Harry eat for lunch while Hannah and I were at the meeting and Justin was at the Fire Department?

So at 6:30 I got up, dressed for the meeting, and was at the grocery store a few minutes after 7:00. Did my shopping, got home and put things away, and had just enough time to put my make up on and freshen up a bit before the meeting.

I thought for sure I'd fall asleep during the meeting, but it was so good I didn't feel tired at all and I'm so glad I went.

Needless to say come Saturday night I was a little whipped. It was about 1:30 when I finally got in bed and I slept like a baby up until Bruce started snoring. I had to giggle quietly as I laid there and listened to him snore, whistle, ahhhhh....snore, whistle, ahhhhh....snore, whistle, ahhhhh....even when he's sleeping my man has rhythm.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cornerstone Ladies Fellowship

Mom met with me and Hannah this morning and we made our way over to meet some of our church ladies at the Cornerstone Ladies Fellowship. It's always fun to walk in and look at all the door prizes. LOL Hannah won that rug you see rolled up on the pew. The makers of that rug donated it as a door prize. They're the ones that make all the checker board rugs you find at Cracker Barrel.

The theme was vessels of honor. On the communion table was a beautiful fountain of four vessels. It was the last door prize given. So pretty!

Mrs. Dana did a wonderful job on her first big ladies meeting. All the women in their church did a great job!

Mrs. Dana was our first speaker. This was the first time I had heard her speak and I really enjoyed her session on the different vessels we can choose to be.

Mrs. Peggy (a member of Cornerstone), led the singing. She kept the blood flowing.

Giving away door prizes...

Mrs. Dana took the time to honor every Pastor's wife that was able to attend. That was such a nice thing for her to do. And there's my Pastor's wife. The best Pastor's wife this side of....well....everywhere!

Mrs. Dana drew the pastor's wife that would be queen for a day. This lady, I believe she was one of the Simpson ladies, won. She got to wear a tiara, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sat in a special chair during the sessions, and even got a pedicure during the lunch hour. She was given special privilege all day long.

It was good seeing friends too. Mrs. Janice came in from Virginia and she was there at the meeting today. It was so good to see her and get a squeeze off of her. LOL
Mrs. Cindy Owens was our second speaker. I tell you what, this woman is absolutely hilarious. The first time I heard her was on a CD and enjoyed her so much! I was excited to hear she would be one of our speakers today. She spoke on "DID I DO THAT??" Sometimes when the Lord uses us we are amazed and ask ourselves, "Did I do that?" And the Lord will answer back, "No, but I used you to do that because you were a willing vessel for My glory."

The men served the ladies a BBQ lunch they cooked and prepared. They did an awesome job.

Mrs. Peggy was our third speaker. She gave her testimony and spoke on shattered vessels and how God can restore us when we think that our lives are irreparable.

And last, but most certainly not least, was Mrs. Francis Simpson. She is the mother of Cindy Owens. This woman is a nut. I LOVED her! She was a fantastic speaker. She spoke on how we are all cracked pots. Not crackpots. But cracked pots. We are all cracked vessels, but when Jesus is inside of us, the closer we are to Him, the brighter He shines through our cracks and it is still possible for the world to see Him through us, even though we thought He'd never be able to use us.

The sessions were so good. I kept thinking of ladies I know that would have loved this meeting and wishing they could have been there with us.
They ended the meeting with a skit from the HUB Club. Hopes of Unclaimed Blessings. They were a group of ladies that were man hunters and gave their reports on their success or lack thereof for the week. It was so funny.

We had a good time and were filled up and overflowing when we left.
Thank you, Mrs. Dana and ladies of Cornerstone Baptist Church, for all the hard work and love you put into this ladies meeting. I can't wait for next year!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Random This and That

I had a great day. An awesome visit with my parents for a little while, until Justin showed up on his lunch break and we all went out to eat. Daddy wanted some wings from his favorite pizza joint while the rest of us enjoyed the pizza and salad bar. As usual with any time spent with mom and dad, we shared a lot of laughs and giggles. We had fun!!

On the way home I stopped at my Mother-in-law's to drop off some pans of hers and was pleasantly surprised that Bruce's Aunt Janette was there. We had a very nice visit together and again shared some laughs and giggles.

The other day when I was at her house she gave me this beautiful pie plate. I adore pie plates and fell in love with this, the moment I saw it. It was so sweet of her to give it to me. And now here it is with fall upon us and you better believe some nice fall desserts will be made in this plate.

Justin bought a truck a few weeks ago. Since then he has put on new tires, changed the motor in his windshield wipers, and yesterday he changed the alternator out. I was proud of him because, although he's done body work on vehicles, he's never done anything in mechanics, so it was a big deal that he had it changed it out and ready to go without any help from anyone. He's such a smartie. Not to mention it made his dad very proud!

We always start school after Labor Day and this year will be no different. I'm looking forward to getting on with this new school year. I think it's going to be a good one!

Before school starts, it looks like we'll be going on a family vacation. We didn't go on vacation last year because Bruce used his vacation days for SIGMA things. He had done the same thing this year and his days were gone. BUT! It's been worth every vacation day. No complaints. at. all! However, it worked out for him to earn some vacation days back. And so we don't have to use the credit card, he's been working a LOT of overtime. So we can rest and relax and enjoy our children and not worry about paying for it later. LOL

I have to say that the beginning of this year and through Justin's graduation was an emotional time for me. And as I expected, things changed once he graduated. He's eighteen now, he's working full time, he has EMT classes a couple nights a week along with other things at the fire station and he has financial obligations now too. So I must confess that I am more excited about this family vacation than any other we have been on. The Lord is working it out, it seems right now, that we'll be able to take a family vacation this year and it very well may be the last where all five of us will get to go together. So I am very excited and hopeful that it will happen and plan on soaking in every single minute with all of my children and my hubby, making some memories that will last a long time.

Before vacation, though, we'll be enjoying some wonderful services. One this Saturday at a local church for their ladies meeting. Our church ladies are very excited about it. And we'll also be in revival with Brother Tony Hutson. He'll be here next week and I am so ready for him to be with us. I think we're all looking forward to him coming.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Apologies and Some Videos

Obviously someone took offense to my last blog post. Which is fine. Sometimes the truth rubs people the wrong way. Bruce and I were accused of being fundies. If standing on the fundamentals of Scripture makes us a fundy, we stand guilty as charged. Thank you, Anonymous for pointing out a good characteristic you see in us.

And to clear things up, I was not preaching to men or women for that matter. Just simply stating my opinion which was made obvious to me by the preaching of a real man of God, whom I admire greatly. In all honesty, I was preaching to myself if anyone. There was a young man that left our church to join the army and I had written him a letter of encouragement while he is in basic training. I received a reply to that letter, which Bruce and I read together, the same day Brother Johnny preached his message and hit on that. I determined that I would not send anymore letters to this young man unless they were sent by both Bruce and me. So, you see, I can find the fault in myself and am not so full of myself that I cannot correct that fault in the name of Jesus, that His name be not blasphemed. And while I'm at it, clearly it is stated here that this blog is set up in mind for ladies. Men are welcome to read, but it's addressed to women in general.

That being said, I have no apologies to make to ANY man, seeing I am under the authority of my OWN husband. Who, by the way, approved of the last post. SO! If anyone owes anyone an apology, it would have to be the one making false accusations. Which I seriously doubt will ever happen. And that's ok. My conscience is clear.

Now! Last week we were in revival with Pastor Goodman at Bright Light Baptist Church. It was a GREAT week. I was so proud of my Pastor and the meaty messages he preached. I was also proud of our young people. They have come such a long way as a whole in the last year. And even more so this summer. I've seen changes in some of them I thought I would never see. And God is blessing!!

When the youth choir came Thursday night to sing for Bright Light, Spencer, Gary, and Justin had something to say. Each video is just a couple of minutes. Enjoy these young men...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Who Are You Textin'?

Our associate pastor fills in for Pastor Goodman on Wednesday nights whenever Pastor is preaching revivals through the week and always does a wonderful job! I love hearing Brother Johnny preach. He's GREAT at getting the message across and not to mention just out right hilarious sometimes.

There was something he touched was not his entire message, just something he bumped...but it really got me thinking!!! I know...dangerous, right?

When I was growing up there weren't cell phones with unlimited texting. But there were phones in our homes. Phones that were used to talk to our loved ones. Our friends. Business associates. Etc. But if those phones were used for girls to talk to a dozen boys or boys to talk to a dozen girls when they were committed to someone else, man that would cause some serious issues. Knowing your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse was on the phone with someone else would cause some serious arguments. Jealousy would flare. Fights would start. People would break up over that.

In today's society people don't think twice about texting the opposite gender, whether they have boyfriends or girlfriends or married or not. Sometimes you'll have adults texting minors that are not their family members. Let me just say that if a man were texting my daughter, no matter how "innocent" it was, Bruce would rip his texting fingers right off his hands. And if a woman were texting my sons, no matter how "innocent" it was, I would do the same to her! There is never ANY reason for a man to text a young girl or woman that is not his spouse or family and there is never ANY reason for a woman to text a young man or man that is not her spouse or family. This can give the devil a hold on something that could destroy a person's testimony or your character.

And on the boyfriend/girlfriend issue of this, it's so common to keep in touch with the opposite gender through texting that once you get married it's already become an everyday thing that you don't even stop to think about. And can give the devil a hold on something that could destroy a person's testimony and character.

This doesn't go for just cell phones and texting. This goes for emails, private messages, chats, etc.
Bruce and I do not have cell phones. Neither do Hannah or Harrison. Justin has one, but only because he pays for it himself. Bruce and I stopped carrying one several years ago when he really didn't want to do the whole cell phone thing and I went over my minutes for the second month in a row. LOL But I'm glad we don't carry them. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that we had ailing parents, Bruce would probably do away with the home phone too.

I've seen teens AND ADULTS texting or sending pictures during church. They text and talk on phones during supper out with the family. They text and call on dates and parties. And everyone always says they have a cell phone in case of emergencies. Really? I think it's more out of convenience and the need to be in constant contact with someone.

And how many times have we heard cell phones going off during church, funerals, and weddings? OH PLEASE! That drives me insane. They are more of a nuisance than they are anything.

All this to say, there's nothing wrong with texting. There's nothing wrong with cell phones, emails, private messages, or chats! But check up on who all you're doing these things with. If you're texting women/girls that aren't your wife or girlfriend, or if you're texting men/young men that aren't your husband or boyfriend, you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

That little Sunday school song we sang when I was a child comes to mind....

Oh, be careful little hands what you do
Oh, be careful little hands what you do
For the Father up above, is looking down in love
Oh, be careful little hands what you do...

Hebrews 5:14, "But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missions Revival

Pastor Goodman has been in Missions Revival with Brother Wayne Reese this week. Monday and Tuesday's services were wonderful!! Can't wait for tonight.
(Brother Reese)

This lady sang Jesus Is Precious To Me. I love to hear her sing it. I wish I could sing it like that!! But I do love my precious Jesus. :D

Brother Reese had some missionaries stand and give a quick testimony and word of their work.

I don't believe this lady is a member of Bright Light, but she did come by and sing.

And then Vintage Faith sang several songs. They did a great job. Love that Gospelgrass! That's my daddy's little head there. LOL

(Brother Mike)
(Pastor Goodman)

Tuesday night there were a few other missionaries that stood up. It was good to see Brother Ellis again.
(Brother Ellis)

And Tradition sang. They did a great job too!

Pastor Goodman preached a great message Tuesday night on I Ain't Never Seen Anything Like That.

Celine and Carissa sat with us Tuesday night. They were awake....

for a while. :D
Our youth choir will be singing tonight. Celine has been chomping at the bits for a few years now to get in the youth choir. This will be her first night and she is very excited!
Here's a video of Tradition singing He Locked the Gates. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

So Much To Thank Him For

It's been a wonderful weekend to top off the week we had last week in Tennessee with the youth group. Brother Dervin Spears preached both services at church this weekend and it was absolutely MMmmmmmm, MMmmmmmmm, good!

There was a man that our church has prayed for, for a very long time, that came before church Sunday night and made his way to the men's prayer room. He came in wanting to get saved!!! How wonderful is that???!!!! What a great start to an already spectacular night!

Both sermons were good, but I was really moved during the evening sermon. Brother Spears preached on Where Are You in the Tabernacle? Are you in the outer room? Are you in the Holy Place? Or are you in the Holy of Holies. Wow.....good stuff there!


Saturday we were thankful to celebrate my daddy's sixty-fifth birthday. He wanted a hot dog supper with all the fixin's so mom indulged him on his day.

He didn't want a birthday cake either. He wanted mom's homemade banana pudding. She fixed a HUGE bowl of it too!

Once supper was over and the table was cleared, daddy was ready to dig into his birthday dessert.

There wasn't a spoon big enough for him!

We got tickled because there was no cake, no candles, and we forgot to sing Happy Birthday. He decided to sing it to himself. Bless his heart. LOL

My sweet mommy...

Unless there's something I know daddy needs or wants I usually get him things he can wear to dialysis. The nurses get tickled at his tshirts and pants. He always makes out he's embarrassed, but he loves the attention. LOL

I think he had a good birthday. It was nice being able to celebrate with him and know that God had granted us another year with him.
Daddy has been through a very rough few years. But God continues to bless him and see him through.
Isaiah 46:4 "And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will
I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver

Thursday, August 12, 2010

VBS and Totally AWESOME Paw Paw Preacher Trip

Well, I never did get around to posting about VBS. What a crazy week that was!! On Monday morning we bought a new car! We had been borrowing mom and dad's car for, what seemed like, forever. It was great being able to give them their car back and drive away with our Impala. I love it!!

Wednesday I started a new house cleaning job. It was Mander's house and she had to give it up so I took it. It'll help with the car payments! LOL

Friday and Saturday, I spent the days cleaning and doing laundry so we'd have clean clothes for the youth trip to Tennessee.

I loved teaching the five year olds last week. I taught four of the five nights and it was a blessing. The theme was Building Lives on the Word of God. So each lesson had something to do with building. Stories from Noah's Ark to the New Jerusalem. It was great! Brother Johnny always has some great themes. And the best part of the whole week were the twelve souls saved! That's what it's all about!! You can see pictures from VBS by clicking here and here and here.


We left Monday morning on a Paw Paw Preacher trip to Tennessee. We rented cabins on a campground and it was GREAT! There was a pavilion there that we had planned on using to have a service while we were there. Pastor wanted to give our preacher boys and Justin a chance to preach a little bit while we were up there. We would have a service Monday night, go to Dollywood on Tuesday and have a service that night. Then leave for home on Wednesday. Monday night it got on so good we had a regular camp meeting!

Spencer preached Monday night and Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone. The kids stayed up Monday night until after midnight. The boys having devotions in their cabins and the girls having devotions in theirs. We (the sponsors) did a little spying on them while they were having devotions. We heard Spencer still preaching. LOL I was summoned to one cabin for a one on one with one of the girls that had been doubting her salvation. What a blessing it was to help her sort through some issues and help her get that settled. It was good for me too, to be reminded that God keeps His promises and He keeps our salvation!!

When we got up Tuesday to go to Dollywood, the kids wanted to stay on the campground and have some more time to get in the Word and share some things with each other. They were ready to leave the park earlier than scheduled and get back to the campground. When we got back, they scarfed down some pizza and hurried to their cabins to get ready for the Tue night service. We were able to witness a young man that we've prayed for, for a long time, step out of his comfort zone. I was telling someone the other day when I was talking about it, that you pray for someone for so long and you almost have the attitude that God will never be able to do anything with this individual and then all of the sudden, BAM! God moves in and blows you away.

Gary preached first Tue night. His sermon made me really stop and ask myself what kind of look will be on God's face when I stand before Him. Will it be one of delight or will He have a look of hurt and disappointment? Justin preached after Gary and his sermon was on throwing things out of your life that keep you from getting closer to God. Things that may not necessarily be bad, but keep you from moving forward and going higher. And instead of asking ourselves, What's wrong with doing this...we need to ask ourselves, What's RIGHT with doing this...? Jeremy was the last preacher we heard Tue night. He picked up where Spencer left off and preached on that comfort zone. GREAT sermons from some wonderful young men. I was so proud of them! They have grown so much and it really showed in their preaching.

After the service, the kids had a little free time and then decided they wanted more free time in their cabins for more devotions. The boys in their cabins...the girls in theirs. Around midnight, or just before, there was a knock at our cabin door. I stepped outside on the porch with two of our senior girls who were just overflowing with joy at how God had answered prayer and opened doors for them during the devotions. All the kids gathered around a campfire and discussed what God had given them that night. Some of the ones we've prayed for, forever did a little preaching around the fire. They confessed to each other, forgave one another, shared requests and burdens, strengthened friendships, etc.

If we (the sponsors) had been out there during that time, we don't think they would have opened up to each other the way they did. It was great being able to peek out the window or step out on the porch and see and hear what was going on. And the good reports made our hearts light. Knowing the senior leaders were stepping up and guiding the younger ones closer to leadership was a blessing!!! God was so good on this trip. He is good all the time!

You can click here to see pics from the trip.