Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Apologies and Some Videos

Obviously someone took offense to my last blog post. Which is fine. Sometimes the truth rubs people the wrong way. Bruce and I were accused of being fundies. If standing on the fundamentals of Scripture makes us a fundy, we stand guilty as charged. Thank you, Anonymous for pointing out a good characteristic you see in us.

And to clear things up, I was not preaching to men or women for that matter. Just simply stating my opinion which was made obvious to me by the preaching of a real man of God, whom I admire greatly. In all honesty, I was preaching to myself if anyone. There was a young man that left our church to join the army and I had written him a letter of encouragement while he is in basic training. I received a reply to that letter, which Bruce and I read together, the same day Brother Johnny preached his message and hit on that. I determined that I would not send anymore letters to this young man unless they were sent by both Bruce and me. So, you see, I can find the fault in myself and am not so full of myself that I cannot correct that fault in the name of Jesus, that His name be not blasphemed. And while I'm at it, clearly it is stated here that this blog is set up in mind for ladies. Men are welcome to read, but it's addressed to women in general.

That being said, I have no apologies to make to ANY man, seeing I am under the authority of my OWN husband. Who, by the way, approved of the last post. SO! If anyone owes anyone an apology, it would have to be the one making false accusations. Which I seriously doubt will ever happen. And that's ok. My conscience is clear.

Now! Last week we were in revival with Pastor Goodman at Bright Light Baptist Church. It was a GREAT week. I was so proud of my Pastor and the meaty messages he preached. I was also proud of our young people. They have come such a long way as a whole in the last year. And even more so this summer. I've seen changes in some of them I thought I would never see. And God is blessing!!

When the youth choir came Thursday night to sing for Bright Light, Spencer, Gary, and Justin had something to say. Each video is just a couple of minutes. Enjoy these young men...