Thursday, August 12, 2010

VBS and Totally AWESOME Paw Paw Preacher Trip

Well, I never did get around to posting about VBS. What a crazy week that was!! On Monday morning we bought a new car! We had been borrowing mom and dad's car for, what seemed like, forever. It was great being able to give them their car back and drive away with our Impala. I love it!!

Wednesday I started a new house cleaning job. It was Mander's house and she had to give it up so I took it. It'll help with the car payments! LOL

Friday and Saturday, I spent the days cleaning and doing laundry so we'd have clean clothes for the youth trip to Tennessee.

I loved teaching the five year olds last week. I taught four of the five nights and it was a blessing. The theme was Building Lives on the Word of God. So each lesson had something to do with building. Stories from Noah's Ark to the New Jerusalem. It was great! Brother Johnny always has some great themes. And the best part of the whole week were the twelve souls saved! That's what it's all about!! You can see pictures from VBS by clicking here and here and here.


We left Monday morning on a Paw Paw Preacher trip to Tennessee. We rented cabins on a campground and it was GREAT! There was a pavilion there that we had planned on using to have a service while we were there. Pastor wanted to give our preacher boys and Justin a chance to preach a little bit while we were up there. We would have a service Monday night, go to Dollywood on Tuesday and have a service that night. Then leave for home on Wednesday. Monday night it got on so good we had a regular camp meeting!

Spencer preached Monday night and Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone. The kids stayed up Monday night until after midnight. The boys having devotions in their cabins and the girls having devotions in theirs. We (the sponsors) did a little spying on them while they were having devotions. We heard Spencer still preaching. LOL I was summoned to one cabin for a one on one with one of the girls that had been doubting her salvation. What a blessing it was to help her sort through some issues and help her get that settled. It was good for me too, to be reminded that God keeps His promises and He keeps our salvation!!

When we got up Tuesday to go to Dollywood, the kids wanted to stay on the campground and have some more time to get in the Word and share some things with each other. They were ready to leave the park earlier than scheduled and get back to the campground. When we got back, they scarfed down some pizza and hurried to their cabins to get ready for the Tue night service. We were able to witness a young man that we've prayed for, for a long time, step out of his comfort zone. I was telling someone the other day when I was talking about it, that you pray for someone for so long and you almost have the attitude that God will never be able to do anything with this individual and then all of the sudden, BAM! God moves in and blows you away.

Gary preached first Tue night. His sermon made me really stop and ask myself what kind of look will be on God's face when I stand before Him. Will it be one of delight or will He have a look of hurt and disappointment? Justin preached after Gary and his sermon was on throwing things out of your life that keep you from getting closer to God. Things that may not necessarily be bad, but keep you from moving forward and going higher. And instead of asking ourselves, What's wrong with doing this...we need to ask ourselves, What's RIGHT with doing this...? Jeremy was the last preacher we heard Tue night. He picked up where Spencer left off and preached on that comfort zone. GREAT sermons from some wonderful young men. I was so proud of them! They have grown so much and it really showed in their preaching.

After the service, the kids had a little free time and then decided they wanted more free time in their cabins for more devotions. The boys in their cabins...the girls in theirs. Around midnight, or just before, there was a knock at our cabin door. I stepped outside on the porch with two of our senior girls who were just overflowing with joy at how God had answered prayer and opened doors for them during the devotions. All the kids gathered around a campfire and discussed what God had given them that night. Some of the ones we've prayed for, forever did a little preaching around the fire. They confessed to each other, forgave one another, shared requests and burdens, strengthened friendships, etc.

If we (the sponsors) had been out there during that time, we don't think they would have opened up to each other the way they did. It was great being able to peek out the window or step out on the porch and see and hear what was going on. And the good reports made our hearts light. Knowing the senior leaders were stepping up and guiding the younger ones closer to leadership was a blessing!!! God was so good on this trip. He is good all the time!

You can click here to see pics from the trip.