Monday, August 30, 2010


Brother Tony Hutson will be with us this week. We are very excited and happy that he is coming. I've been looking forward to this ever since Pastor announced he was coming.

He's also going to be at another local church next month!! Lord willing we'll be making it to that, at least one of those nights.

Below is part of tonight's sermon outline, taken from Luke 19:29-31....

In Order For God To Be On Me, There Has To Be:






"God won't use a donkey that won't listen!" ~Brother Tony Hutson

It was so great seeing preachers and pastors from all over this area gather at the alter and fellowship with one another. They came from Faith, Bethel, Love Valley, First Love, Landmark (Gastonia) and other neighboring churches. Preachers from the Crossroad's Rescue Mission and the Master's House. They were lined up all along the alter and it was a blessing to see those TRUE men of God praying together and having a time of fellowship with one another.

We're looking forward to tomorrow night.