Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missions Revival

Pastor Goodman has been in Missions Revival with Brother Wayne Reese this week. Monday and Tuesday's services were wonderful!! Can't wait for tonight.
(Brother Reese)

This lady sang Jesus Is Precious To Me. I love to hear her sing it. I wish I could sing it like that!! But I do love my precious Jesus. :D

Brother Reese had some missionaries stand and give a quick testimony and word of their work.

I don't believe this lady is a member of Bright Light, but she did come by and sing.

And then Vintage Faith sang several songs. They did a great job. Love that Gospelgrass! That's my daddy's little head there. LOL

(Brother Mike)
(Pastor Goodman)

Tuesday night there were a few other missionaries that stood up. It was good to see Brother Ellis again.
(Brother Ellis)

And Tradition sang. They did a great job too!

Pastor Goodman preached a great message Tuesday night on I Ain't Never Seen Anything Like That.

Celine and Carissa sat with us Tuesday night. They were awake....

for a while. :D
Our youth choir will be singing tonight. Celine has been chomping at the bits for a few years now to get in the youth choir. This will be her first night and she is very excited!
Here's a video of Tradition singing He Locked the Gates. Enjoy!