Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Random This and That

I had a great day. An awesome visit with my parents for a little while, until Justin showed up on his lunch break and we all went out to eat. Daddy wanted some wings from his favorite pizza joint while the rest of us enjoyed the pizza and salad bar. As usual with any time spent with mom and dad, we shared a lot of laughs and giggles. We had fun!!

On the way home I stopped at my Mother-in-law's to drop off some pans of hers and was pleasantly surprised that Bruce's Aunt Janette was there. We had a very nice visit together and again shared some laughs and giggles.

The other day when I was at her house she gave me this beautiful pie plate. I adore pie plates and fell in love with this, the moment I saw it. It was so sweet of her to give it to me. And now here it is with fall upon us and you better believe some nice fall desserts will be made in this plate.

Justin bought a truck a few weeks ago. Since then he has put on new tires, changed the motor in his windshield wipers, and yesterday he changed the alternator out. I was proud of him because, although he's done body work on vehicles, he's never done anything in mechanics, so it was a big deal that he had it changed it out and ready to go without any help from anyone. He's such a smartie. Not to mention it made his dad very proud!

We always start school after Labor Day and this year will be no different. I'm looking forward to getting on with this new school year. I think it's going to be a good one!

Before school starts, it looks like we'll be going on a family vacation. We didn't go on vacation last year because Bruce used his vacation days for SIGMA things. He had done the same thing this year and his days were gone. BUT! It's been worth every vacation day. No complaints. at. all! However, it worked out for him to earn some vacation days back. And so we don't have to use the credit card, he's been working a LOT of overtime. So we can rest and relax and enjoy our children and not worry about paying for it later. LOL

I have to say that the beginning of this year and through Justin's graduation was an emotional time for me. And as I expected, things changed once he graduated. He's eighteen now, he's working full time, he has EMT classes a couple nights a week along with other things at the fire station and he has financial obligations now too. So I must confess that I am more excited about this family vacation than any other we have been on. The Lord is working it out, it seems right now, that we'll be able to take a family vacation this year and it very well may be the last where all five of us will get to go together. So I am very excited and hopeful that it will happen and plan on soaking in every single minute with all of my children and my hubby, making some memories that will last a long time.

Before vacation, though, we'll be enjoying some wonderful services. One this Saturday at a local church for their ladies meeting. Our church ladies are very excited about it. And we'll also be in revival with Brother Tony Hutson. He'll be here next week and I am so ready for him to be with us. I think we're all looking forward to him coming.