Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lunch With the Madre and Padre

I went to lunch with my mom and dad yesterday. We had more than a few laughs. It was a great time. We ate at Mi favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Not sure what mom ordered. It was some kind of pepper stuffed with cheese along with rice and beans. It must have been good. This is the before picture.

This is the after....

My daddy was enjoying his Nacho Supreme.

I have no idea what this look is about. lol

I like this one though. Ain't she purdy?

Daddy again....

They never behave in public. *sigh*

Me and my mommy...

After lunch we went to Swooger's, a local owned ice cream parlor for a little dessert.

Mom enjoyed her butter pecan milkshake.

And I enjoyed my cup of cookies and cream.

All gone!

I enjoyed the time out with them and we had a lot of.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's He Doing Here?

Pastor Goodman preached a great message from John 16:7-15 on the Holy Ghost Sunday morning. Sometimes, I think, we as Baptists have a tendency to water down the role of the Holy Ghost. And there's nothing wrong with saying Holy Spirit, but there are some Baptists that won't say Holy Ghost because they're scared to death of what they'll be associated with and they just need to get over that!

It is in imperative that the Holy Ghost be in the worship service. If He is not in the worship service, we might as well pack it up and go home. It is His intention for the Holy Ghost to show up. We need to get out of His way so He can show us Jesus!!

There are five things that should happen to meet with the Holy Ghost:

1. He will exalt the Saviour. From the Ushers greeting people as they arrive, to what is being taught in our Sunday school class, to the singing, to the preaching...everything should be done to exalt Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost never exalts Himself. He points everyone to Christ.

2. He exposes sin. vs. 8 says He will reprove sin. From the pulpit to the back pew, the Holy Ghost will expose sin in our life. Someone will begin weeping, some will repent, because the Holy Ghost will expose their sin.

3. He expounds the Scripture. When the Holy Ghost shows up, He will prove what is real and guide us through the Scripture. The Holy Ghost does not conflict the Scripture. The Holy Ghost and the Scripture will ALWAYS agree! I Corinthians 2 says that He will illuminate the word. Salvation gives you the Holy Ghost to interpret the Scripture. If the Holy Ghost is in it, don't worry about what's happening around you. It will be in order. When the truth is preached, error will be removed. Wild fires burn out. The REAL fire will continue burning!

4. He will edify the Saint. When we pray and read the Word, the Holy Ghost will guard us and groom us and make us presentable for Christ.

5. He evangelizes the sinner. The sinner won't get saved unless the Holy Ghost shows up. When the Holy Ghost tells you that you are on your way to Hell, get right and get in!

When we allow the Holy Ghost to show up, He will move! Are you standing in His way?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rush Night

We had Rush Night with our youth group last night. It was the Chi Alpha Champions agasint the Nu Delta Crusaders.

Both teams worked hard on their decorations. This was the Chi Alpha Champions side.

And this was the Nu Delta Crusaders side.

Bruce and Hannah tried pulling the sword from the stone, but just couldn't do it.

Here's a cheer the Crusaders yelled at the Champions.
You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track
But when it comes to Sigma
Champions step back!
When all was said and done, the Chi Alpha Champions won the scoring. Congratulations to both teams, for a job well done!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Are Those Cough Drops, Anyway?

Since last Sunday I have been taking extra doses of Vitamin C in hopes of fighting off, what feels like, a cold. I'm sure the vC has worked, but it's just not working hard enough. So here I sit at 3:45 in the morning with my throat on fire from coughing so much. I usually always have cough drops in the house, but guess what? I can't find any. Oh well....

Yesterday I met up with some of my friends from church and we went toward Blowing Rock to visit Mander's sister. She was so happy to see us. We had a good time and some great laughs. Kaylyn was telling us how to get to her house. She said (and make sure you read this with a strong mountain accent), "I live at the foot-a-the-hill. When you turn on my road, count to thirty. When you get to thirty, you'll see a wood fence, and that's where my house is. If you pass it, we ain't weed eated yet." I laughed so hard at that. I love her and it was fun seeing her again.

I'll admit that I was not feeling my best yesterday. But I made myself physically sick worrying about having the Brittain's over for supper last night. Janet's race car driving around the mountain roads was not helping at all.

I felt better after I had been home twenty minutes and was able to work on my meal. I felt a whole lot better when Kelsey called and said their family was running late. LOL

Fortunately, I had put the ribs in the crock pot that morning before I left. They were so tender when I got home. After draining them I poured them in a pan, slapped some BBQ on them, and baked them in the oven for a bit. They turned out pretty yummy. We had au gratin potatoes, southern green beans, Cole slaw, deviled eggs, corn muffins, and Jeannie brought a crock pot of mac-n-cheese. It was delish! And for dessert, Jeannie brought her delicious chocolate cake that will make you want to slap your grandma (I've never understood that saying) and Hannah made some kind of apple dump cake that was off the hook! Great job, ladies!

We had a great time and are so thankful how the Lord moved them into our lives. They are wonderful people!!

All in all, it was a terrific day. A whole day with the greatest friends in the world, visiting a woman that needed our company as much as we needed hers, and an evening of fellowship with another family, just as crazy as ours!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Want Some TLC?

Some friends of mine at church have started making jewelry and giving parties to sell their product. Their first party is tonight at Rebecca C's new house if you can make it! I know they'd be thrilled to see you there! I am very excited for them. I think they're going to do very well! Here are just a FEW pieces. They do seasonal and holiday pieces too. I'm sure they'll have some on display. All of these pieces are Tammy's. I'll get some of Brenda's tonight. If anyone around here is interested in any of these, let me know and I'll pass the word. If you are from church you'll want to see Tammy C or Brenda T.

I have this ring and it is BEAUTIFUL! I have the smoke gray though. I Looooove it!

Check out TLC Accessories for yourself. Tammy has more items shown there and prices are listed on her blog site!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Rushing

Today was pretty busy. Tomorrow will probably be the same way. Lord willing, things will slow down a bit for us on Wed.
I took Justin to school at the college, then came back and had school with Hannah
and Harry.
Before taking Justin to school, I opened a box containing the last of his school books. The last of his high school books, that is. It was a little sad, knowing that these would be his last year of homeschooling text books. But life goes on, right? And it certainly is going on with Justin. We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for his future. Anyway, he picked up his English text book, Mastering Communication Skills, and said, "Why did you get me this? I've already mastermacated my communification skills. I am a communication master....person." *sigh* Oh, that boy!
After school I started supper a good bit earlier than usual. Supper was over and the kitchen cleaned by 5:00. Dropped Justin off for his second class at 6:00, then off to meet some of the youth so they could work on Rush.

Both teams were able to get things accomplished tonight, but it's still in that tedious stage. You know where you work and work on one particular project and you think it will never happen. Then all at once it's finished and all that's left are minor details and sprucing. I think they're doing a good job. Can't wait to see their finished products!!

Tomorrow will be about the same as today. I already have my stew beef out thawing for the crock pot. Potatoes and carrots will be tasty with a skillet of corn bread. This, too, will be easy clean up. We also have a ladies meeting tomorrow night. Looking forward to that.

Hannah and Harrison before church the other week...
I had nursery yesterday and the kiddos were hilarious! I just love the almost toddling age. So cute! And then last night the service was very touching. The Lord definitely met with me. Exactly where I needed Him to. I'm so glad He loves me and knows me and knows what I need when I need it.