Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Are Those Cough Drops, Anyway?

Since last Sunday I have been taking extra doses of Vitamin C in hopes of fighting off, what feels like, a cold. I'm sure the vC has worked, but it's just not working hard enough. So here I sit at 3:45 in the morning with my throat on fire from coughing so much. I usually always have cough drops in the house, but guess what? I can't find any. Oh well....

Yesterday I met up with some of my friends from church and we went toward Blowing Rock to visit Mander's sister. She was so happy to see us. We had a good time and some great laughs. Kaylyn was telling us how to get to her house. She said (and make sure you read this with a strong mountain accent), "I live at the foot-a-the-hill. When you turn on my road, count to thirty. When you get to thirty, you'll see a wood fence, and that's where my house is. If you pass it, we ain't weed eated yet." I laughed so hard at that. I love her and it was fun seeing her again.

I'll admit that I was not feeling my best yesterday. But I made myself physically sick worrying about having the Brittain's over for supper last night. Janet's race car driving around the mountain roads was not helping at all.

I felt better after I had been home twenty minutes and was able to work on my meal. I felt a whole lot better when Kelsey called and said their family was running late. LOL

Fortunately, I had put the ribs in the crock pot that morning before I left. They were so tender when I got home. After draining them I poured them in a pan, slapped some BBQ on them, and baked them in the oven for a bit. They turned out pretty yummy. We had au gratin potatoes, southern green beans, Cole slaw, deviled eggs, corn muffins, and Jeannie brought a crock pot of mac-n-cheese. It was delish! And for dessert, Jeannie brought her delicious chocolate cake that will make you want to slap your grandma (I've never understood that saying) and Hannah made some kind of apple dump cake that was off the hook! Great job, ladies!

We had a great time and are so thankful how the Lord moved them into our lives. They are wonderful people!!

All in all, it was a terrific day. A whole day with the greatest friends in the world, visiting a woman that needed our company as much as we needed hers, and an evening of fellowship with another family, just as crazy as ours!