Sunday, September 13, 2009

Randomness and Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ava

This post is on our weekend. We had a good one. I hope you did too!

The children wrapped up another successful week of homeschooling. Notice Harrison's tongue. He concentrates so much better with it sticking out.

After school, Harrison and I went shopping for him some new clothes. He was in such need of clothes. Found some GREAT deals!! Seven pants, seven shirts, dress shoes, a 10 pack of play socks, three pairs of dress socks, and a USA hoodie. So he's set for winter now! I am so thankful for that!!!

We ran a few other errands and then made it home to put away groceries and relax a little bit before Bruce and I went out for our weekly date. As we were leaving, my neighbor was checking her box so I grabbed her picture. She is so sweet. A good neighbor. A great friend!

We ate at my new favorite Mexican restaurant. LOVE me some Mi Pueblito's!

Here's Bruce with a chip stuck to his chin. LOL Gotta love my man!

And I'll be the first to say that here in the south a fried bologna sandwich with a little mustard, a lot of DUKE'S mayo, and a slice of cheese and mater is a great sandwich. But only in the south will you find a fast food restaurant that sells fried bologna biscuits. Thank you, Hardees, for contributing to southern eating!

When we left Mi Pueblito, we decided last minute...and I mean last stop by a local church and see Gold City in concert.

Once again....only in the south....will you find an offering being taken up in KFC buckets.

The concert was really good. We had a great time. Bruce's Aunt Judy and mom were there so I took their pictures with Daniel Riley and the new guy....sorry, I can't remember his name! But I got tickled at Aunt Judy. She was sticking her tongue out at someone and I didn't notice it until after we were already walking back to the car! She's so crazy!

Brother Gene and Brother Thornburg were there also. We were all diesel sniffers this weekend. hehe

Sunday morning was beautiful. I'm just lovin' the fall weather. I ended up over sleeping. I didn't wake up until 8:40. I couldn't believe it!! Thankfully my two darlings were up and ready to go on time. And we actually made it to Sunday school before it started.

The parsonage is coming together nicely. They've added the garage. This is a terrible picture of it. I'll get a better one later.

They're also getting the rock on the front. It's gonna be so pretty when they're finished. There was a crew out there working this morning and Pastor kindly told them that this was the church parsonage and we believed in worship on Sunday and they could come back another day to work. They were very understanding and honored that request.

Besides the weather, another thing I like about fall are the beautiful flowers. We had fresh fall flowers planted and they were lovely. I believe Brother Mark planted the flowers.

Pretty, huh?

Mrs. Janet had the giant cornucopia out in front of the church doors. I just love it!

Our weekend ended with two wonderful services at church, followed by a birthday party for our wonderful pastor's wife, Mrs. Ava.

The food line...

Marla was trying to get her little girl to whistle.


Brother Tim got a new hair cut!

Mrs. Rebecca....

Some of the youth....

Some more of the youth....

Brother Wayne saying, "That'll be on the blog." And he was right!

Our newest friends at Faith, the Dellingers. Oh, I hope I got their name right. LOL Their little grandson is our neighbor and he and Harrison play together a lot. They're a very sweet couple.

Love these ladies! Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Rector, and Mrs. Carolyn. Sweet, sweet, ladies!

Jennifer showing off her "baby bump" as my little friend Courtney calls it. We're going to take a picture of her tummy each month and watch her grow. LOL

Brother Johnny and Mrs. Vondie's little boy was having fun being pushed around in the high chair.

Mrs. Janet washing dishes.....

Brother Wayne and Pastor were sucking in their guts after chowing down. ROFL

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ava. You are truly a wonderful lady and I've learned so much from you. You're a great teacher, excellent speaker, and a great testimony to all that know you. We love you so much!!!