Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

First of all, I want to send out a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and Mrs. Justin Sorrells! They got hitched this weekend!!! We're so happy for Justin. He waited patiently on the Lord to send him just the right girl and God gave him Keah. We pray y'all have a wonderful life together!


As most of you know, our car is not running. So we shared a ride with Kelsey's family to the mountains for Brother Greg's birthday party. We had a really good time!

Mrs. Janet was busy getting things ready for a cookout when we got there.

Carissa was still running around in her jammies. Ain't she purdy?

Celine had fun playing in the creek.


It was Brother Greg's birthday and he was slaving over the grill. The burgers were so delish!

Harrison and Hannah....

All of the children had fun playing in the creek.

This is my friend, Jeannie....Kelsey's mama.

Some of us played Corn Toss.

And some of us bounced a volleyball without a net....or volleyball. We were actually using a soccer ball. It was fun.

Brother Greg's cake....pretty, huh?

Carissa was giving her daddy kissies. Isn't that sweet?

Janet made homemade ice cream to go with the birthday cake. Chocolate and Vanilla. YUM, YUM!

Dustin was a ray of sunshine as always. Look at him...ain't he just the handsome little man?

After lunch we went to Lake Lure. Kelsey and Carissa decided to snooze a little on the way down.

We took some boats out on the lake and it was so enjoyable. I would love to do it everyday!

Carissa was still in the snoozing mode when we got to the lake. Bless her...

We stopped the boats and took a swim for a little bit.

Harrison and Celine were working so hard to get to a boat. They were hilarious!

The view was beautiful as the sun was beginning to go down.

When we got back from a couple of hours of boating and swimming, the sun had gone down and the moon was out. This is what I saw from where I sat around the campfire. I thought it was pretty.

We finished off the chicken and hamburgers when we got back from the Lake. We were all hungry after swimming. Especially the kiddos!

Then we took it easy around the fire. The temperature was dropping and the fire was nice.

Dustin had fun playing with this little light.
Here's a couple of videos to enjoy. :)

It was a great time and we had so much fun. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Brother Greg. We love you and you're a blessing to our family!!