Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's He Doing Here?

Pastor Goodman preached a great message from John 16:7-15 on the Holy Ghost Sunday morning. Sometimes, I think, we as Baptists have a tendency to water down the role of the Holy Ghost. And there's nothing wrong with saying Holy Spirit, but there are some Baptists that won't say Holy Ghost because they're scared to death of what they'll be associated with and they just need to get over that!

It is in imperative that the Holy Ghost be in the worship service. If He is not in the worship service, we might as well pack it up and go home. It is His intention for the Holy Ghost to show up. We need to get out of His way so He can show us Jesus!!

There are five things that should happen to meet with the Holy Ghost:

1. He will exalt the Saviour. From the Ushers greeting people as they arrive, to what is being taught in our Sunday school class, to the singing, to the preaching...everything should be done to exalt Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost never exalts Himself. He points everyone to Christ.

2. He exposes sin. vs. 8 says He will reprove sin. From the pulpit to the back pew, the Holy Ghost will expose sin in our life. Someone will begin weeping, some will repent, because the Holy Ghost will expose their sin.

3. He expounds the Scripture. When the Holy Ghost shows up, He will prove what is real and guide us through the Scripture. The Holy Ghost does not conflict the Scripture. The Holy Ghost and the Scripture will ALWAYS agree! I Corinthians 2 says that He will illuminate the word. Salvation gives you the Holy Ghost to interpret the Scripture. If the Holy Ghost is in it, don't worry about what's happening around you. It will be in order. When the truth is preached, error will be removed. Wild fires burn out. The REAL fire will continue burning!

4. He will edify the Saint. When we pray and read the Word, the Holy Ghost will guard us and groom us and make us presentable for Christ.

5. He evangelizes the sinner. The sinner won't get saved unless the Holy Ghost shows up. When the Holy Ghost tells you that you are on your way to Hell, get right and get in!

When we allow the Holy Ghost to show up, He will move! Are you standing in His way?