Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

It started snowing yesterday evening. It was so beautiful to watch and Harrison was happy to know he would be spending his Saturday playing in the white stuff.

He was up and ready to play outside first thing this morning. Yes, he has a shovel. He and his friend were shoveling snow at each other. It gives a whole new meaning to snowball.


The boys would run and slide on patches of ice. They've had a blast today.

Our cat came up missing last weekend has suddenly showed up again today. He's missing an eyebrow, it looks like, and he doesn't look like he's been starving. As a matter of fact, he is looking quite fat. I'm guessing he found a mice colony somewhere in the cow pasture. No doubt he came home because of the snow, looking for his warm bed.
Did you get snow?

Friday, January 29, 2010


Bet you thought I was going to say something about the popular TV show, huh?. I'm talking about twenty-four hours of holding something that belongs to my children.

As mentioned in a previous post we've been trying to get the kids, especially Harrison, to turn out lights when he leaves a room. I believe the last time I posted on that he was up to writing 50 times, "I will remember to turn out the light."

Every time I found a light on, he would have to write ten times, increasing the times by ten every time. Today he came out of the bathroom and left the light on so I told him he had to write ninety times. He turned out the light, sat down to write and a minute later he was up and in the bathroom again. He walked out of the bathroom, sat down to write and guess what...yep, left the light on. So he had to write ninety times and then turn around and write one hundred times. Poor thing.

I decided that after one hundred times I would try something different. So I announced to the kids that if I found the light on again the light bulb would be mine for 24 hours. About thirty minutes later, I found myself unscrewing the light bulb. They can have it back at 1:11 tomorrow afternoon.

When they did their chores in the dark, used the bathroom in the dark, and showered in the dark, they were pretty positive that when they got their light bulb back tomorrow, the light situation would change. I reckon we'll see.

You know those little book lights you clip to your book when you read? Hannah put hers to use in the bathroom.

Anyway, this was a good idea someone told me about and I used it today. I wonder how many times this will happen?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Not What You Know, But Who You Know

A version of Webster's dictionary defined "truth" as:
  1.; constancy b...sincerity in action, character, and utterance.
  2. the state of being the case. The body of real things, events, and facts. A transcendent, fundamental, or spiritual reality.
  3. fidelity to an original or to a standard.
  4. GOD

I like number four. :)

John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. "

I have been in contact recently with people from my past, as well as people I do not know that well who profess not to believe the teachings of Jesus Christ, although they have, in their own words "...studied Him and the Bible." They say they know all about Him. The sad thing is, He does not know them at all.

There will be many that stand before Him and cry out, "BUT I KNEW WHO YOU WERE!" And He will say to them, "...I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

I was told yesterday that I have a blind faith. My response was that it does not matter if my faith is blind or not, because the Lord is leading my way. I would much rather have a blind faith than no faith at all. But I can say that my faith is not blind. My Spiritual eyes have been opened and I can see clearly.

How about you? Do you believe the truth? Do you know Jesus? More importantly, does He know you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spouses Day

Brother John O'Malley is a member or our church, director of WWNTBM, and someone we consider a good friend. He cracks me up, though, because he is always letting us know of special days that are not usually on the calendar. For instance, Pie Day. This was last Saturday. He let us know several days in advance. I was all geared up and ready for Pie Day. Thought about it all week long. Thinking of different pies I might like to make. Then Saturday came. I had no time to make a pie. I was bummed. I felt like my whole day was wasted because I did not get my pie made. LOL
Well, today he posted on facebook that today is Spouses Day. He asked, "What makes your spouse special?"

This is what Bruce said about me: "She's a natural at giving her time, talent, and resources for others. She's an inspiration to me. She gets more beautiful everyday."

Isn't that sweet? I started to post why Bruce was a special spouse, but it was beginning to get too long for the comment and I decided to post it here instead. :)

Bruce is special because God has given him the ability to use his hands in so many different ways. He is a carpenter, a musician, a mechanic, a machinist, etc. He can do anything he puts his hands to. He relies on God to help him do it all. He is a loving father, a strong disciplinarian, and gives to his family MUCH more than most men will give. He is creative in his poetry, tender in his touch, and sweet as pie. :) He is also very observant. A lot of times he'll see things in people I don't see right off. I'm too fast to become friends with someone before I realize it wasn't a good idea. And then I have to hear him say, "I told you there wasn't something right about them." He believes in being accountable for your own actions. If you do something wrong, take responsibility for it. Don't put the blame on others and do what you can to make it right. This is something he tries to teach our children on a daily basis. That, and "The choices we make dictate the life we lead." But what makes him most special is his ability to stay in tune with the Lord through his daily Bible reading and prayer. He is very disciplined in this area and I admire him for that. It is a comfort for a wife...the weaker know her husband cares what God thinks. To be led by him, comforted by him, and counseled by him. Bruce is a very special spouse and I am thankful for him each and every day.

So tell me....what makes YOUR spouse special?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sigma Saturday and Spirit-filled Sunday

We had Sigma Saturday this weekend. Sigma Saturday is a time for the youth to get together and say verses, listen to our Youth Pastor preach, and have a time of games and fellowship. We loaded the vans and took them to CiCi's pizza in Gastonia. Then back to the fellowship building for games and preaching.

The game Brother RJ had was a game of soccer.....with several little bouncy balls. You know, like the ones you get out of a gumball machine? It was kind of funny watching the kids kill each other over those little balls.

This is team A. Justin C was doing something...I have no earthly idea what, but the camera caught him in some funny move there.

Team B

Let the games begin!

The object of the game was for your team to hit the other teams wall with the ball as many times as you could. Sounds easy, I know, but remember when those little bouncy balls hit something they fly off in another direction. Matthew was either a spectator or a referee...I haven't figured that out yet. hehe

Apparently one of the other team's bouncy balls got stuck under a high chair.

Garrett and Kendall nearly broke each other's neck getting to their bouncy ball.

Once the games were finished, it was time for announcements...


and preaching. This is not how Brother RJ preaches. This is just the only picture I got of him with his Bible. He preached shortly after this. LOL

And thus concluded our Sigma Saturday. We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend and the youth revival we will be attending here locally. Our youth choir has been asked to sing. I know they'll do a terrific job. We'll be missing my buddy, Janet's, birthday party though. I hate that. BUT! I'll be thinking of her and hoping she has a great party just the same. She knows I love her. :)
Sunday was great. Both services were fired up. God was definitely there with us and there was a sweet spirit in the congregation. We had a young lady saved in bus ministry Saturday morning and that just set the tone for Sunday! There were some burdens the Lord was able to take for some that would let Him, and some hearts were changed. What a great day!!
Attendance in nursery has been low. There has been a lot of sickness. There have been all kinds of little sickies. :( I think there were five in the toddler nursery and we usually have three times that and maybe a couple more. No infants. And only two in babies. It was low!
The sanctuary was FULL and on fire. For the last few months we have been blessed with a LOT of visitors and new members. It was like the Lord did what He needed to do in His garden and planted new growth. It's been wonderful! Just a sweet spirit all around! Anyway, one of our college kids form Ambassador, had visitors with him. His Pastor from Michigan, who also brought his daughter. The pastor's daughter just also happens to be our college student's lady-friend. What an adorable couple they are and she is just gorgeous!!! She played the piano and they sang together last night. It was really beautiful. I enjoyed her playing and singing very much! What a blessing! I was taking a video and the camera just stopped. Then I realized I left my SD in the computer when I uploaded the Sigma pics. So I didn't get her video. But I'll get it next time! Her daddy was on the front pew and got right in on the worship service. That was a blessing to see. When her daddy comes again, he said he is bringing his wife also. We look forward to that.
And that was our weekend. Hope yours was a wonderful as ours.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little-a This...A Little-a That

Hannah started getting sick yesterday and complaining with her ear. At the time it was just stuffy from the sinus drainage. I figured we would be heading to the doctor soon and, sure enough, last night she started complaining that it was hurting. So we have an appointment made for this afternoon.

I could hear her in the shower coughing and it sounded like she was choking. Poor thing. When she was settled and back in bed I took her some Vitamin C and mucinex. Boy, did she look rough! I had to sneak the mucinex in on her. She doesn't like what it does. But it helps get all that gunk out. Anyway, she popped it in her mouth. I was busted after that. But it was too late for her...she swallowed!!!

I'm sure the doctor will tell us to keep her on the mucinex and probably prescribe something for her ear/ears.

Justin was a busy beaver this morning. He got up and started straight away on his school work, did his chores, and is now taking it easy for the afternoon. That's the way to think!

Harrison is at the table working on his math and Patch verses. Two things his dad and I have been on him about lately are wearing socks on his feet and not turning out lights. I know that's something all kids do...or don't do...., right? Can I get a witness? I don't like wearing socks either, but when the tips of your toes are blue, it's time to cover those puppies up! With the lights I make him write. We started out with writing ten times, "I will remember to turn out the light." Each time I find he has left a light on, I add ten more. He's up to fifty. I wonder how many times it will take before he starts to remember.

Bruce worked a twelve hour shift last night. He was tuckered out when he got home this morning. He should be up soon to do his Friday routine of paying bills, bank runs, and whatever else he does. Sometimes it's the golfing range, sometimes the pawn shops or music stores. Depends on what he's in the mood for, I guess.

Tomorrow we have a Sigma Saturday to CiCi's Pizza and back to the fellowship building for games and preaching. Looking forward to that.

So that's it for today. Hope y'all have a great day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Me

So last week someone posted on facebook that it was retro week and to post an old photo of yourself. That got me going through old photos and I found lots of fun pictures of me and my family that I was able to scan.

Here are some of me when I was growing up.
Me...just a few days old. :)


Mmmm, birthday cake!

Before Santa was banned from the home...

I believe this was at my Great Aunt Opal's house in Kentucky.

Posing for the camera.

Me, mom, and John. John was holding our dog Hercules. Doesn't he look like a Hercules?

2nd Grade

This was the night of my Kindergarten graduation from Southside Christian Academy in Greenville, SC.

John, me, and Larry Jr. My eyes always looked a little slanted. I think it's because mom pulled my ponytails too tight. :)

Me and my Baby Alive.

Larry Jr, daddy, John, mom, and me.

Being silly at a local park.

Me roller skating. I've always loved roller skating.
Being crazy...again...I did love my boots though. :)

Me and my mommy.

3rd Grade

Daddy and me

Me shoving John into a trash can in Charleston.

John putting me in the same trash can. See I still managed the peace sign. Kids today think they started that. HA! ;)

Me and Melissa Ammons at Carowinds. Her parents are still missionaries in Africa. Our church supports them too.

Me in Ohio...I believe at James Day Park...not sure.

Me and my future mother-in-law.

Me and my future husband.

I'm thinking this was taken when we went to see my brother Larry in Fort Benning, Georgia. How 'bout that eye shadow???? WOW!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foot Frenzy

We had a ladies meeting at church last night. The theme was "Foot Frenzy, Look for me at Jesus Feet." Mrs. Ava had feet everywhere. It was cute. The shadow box was filled with feet and if you look on the floor there was a path of feet leading into the fellowship building.

On each table was a gift bag and on the bottom of each plate, a number. At the end of the evening if your number was called, you got the gift bag on your table, which had a foot lotion, foot scrub, or foot cream in it.

Mrs. Ava also had a basket of socks on the table. As each lady walked in they chose a pair of socks to wear during the meeting and take home with them.

I see sock-feet!

Each lady brought a dessert and drink.

Mrs. Marlett and Elizabeth

Mrs. Catfish came to talk with Katherine and Hannah. She is the sweetest little lady. I'll have to do a Faith Baptist Senior Moment on her soon because she has some good stories.

Diane had a beautiful necklace on and was showing it to us. Wouldn't you know she wasn't wearing it when I took this picture!! LOL

Sharon and Robin

Elizabeth is a new face to our church. She seemed to enjoy it last night.

Left to right: Tammy, Nancy, Gail, Sylvia, and Mander. I have no idea what Mander is doing here, but the feet match her shirt. :)

Jeannie, Kim, and Marla

LeAnna, Kelsey, and Taylor

Three lovies! :)

Mrs. Constner

Mrs. Ava wanted everyone to sign up so she could buy subs. They were really good! Janet got them unwrapped and on the plates for us. Thanks, Janet! :)

The sub table.

Brenda, Mrs. Carolyn, and Mrs. Ann. That's my buddy, Dana behind Mrs. Ann.

Wendy and Mrs. Rector.

Charlene, Katherine, and Vicky

Linda W, Linda T, and Kim.

Mrs. Ava set up a game where several ladies stood hidden behind a couple of large sheets, wearing no socks or shoes. They would stick one foot out and the other ladies would have to guess whose foot it was. The ladies guessing were delegated by their table to go up and guess.

That's Mrs. Janet's foot. She was shaking it..that's why it's blury. LOL

Here's a couple of them sticking their feet out.

Mrs. Ava spoke on things we'll do at Jesus' feet. Her notes are below her picture. Hannah and I had a great time. It was a wonderful theme and a lot of fun!!
Things we can do at Jesus' feet:
  1. Luke 10:39...We can learn at His feet. Be attentive and listen to Him!
  2. John 11:32-35...We can weep at His feet. When we feel we are at our lowest and have no place to turn, just fall at His feet. He will be there to comfort us and lift us up.
  3. John 12:3...We can serve at His feet. He is worthy of our service. Take part in the church's ministries, have the right motive, and give that ministry our all. Not to be seen of others, but to help further the cause of Christ.