Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little-a This...A Little-a That

Hannah started getting sick yesterday and complaining with her ear. At the time it was just stuffy from the sinus drainage. I figured we would be heading to the doctor soon and, sure enough, last night she started complaining that it was hurting. So we have an appointment made for this afternoon.

I could hear her in the shower coughing and it sounded like she was choking. Poor thing. When she was settled and back in bed I took her some Vitamin C and mucinex. Boy, did she look rough! I had to sneak the mucinex in on her. She doesn't like what it does. But it helps get all that gunk out. Anyway, she popped it in her mouth. I was busted after that. But it was too late for her...she swallowed!!!

I'm sure the doctor will tell us to keep her on the mucinex and probably prescribe something for her ear/ears.

Justin was a busy beaver this morning. He got up and started straight away on his school work, did his chores, and is now taking it easy for the afternoon. That's the way to think!

Harrison is at the table working on his math and Patch verses. Two things his dad and I have been on him about lately are wearing socks on his feet and not turning out lights. I know that's something all kids do...or don't do...., right? Can I get a witness? I don't like wearing socks either, but when the tips of your toes are blue, it's time to cover those puppies up! With the lights I make him write. We started out with writing ten times, "I will remember to turn out the light." Each time I find he has left a light on, I add ten more. He's up to fifty. I wonder how many times it will take before he starts to remember.

Bruce worked a twelve hour shift last night. He was tuckered out when he got home this morning. He should be up soon to do his Friday routine of paying bills, bank runs, and whatever else he does. Sometimes it's the golfing range, sometimes the pawn shops or music stores. Depends on what he's in the mood for, I guess.

Tomorrow we have a Sigma Saturday to CiCi's Pizza and back to the fellowship building for games and preaching. Looking forward to that.

So that's it for today. Hope y'all have a great day!