Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Me

So last week someone posted on facebook that it was retro week and to post an old photo of yourself. That got me going through old photos and I found lots of fun pictures of me and my family that I was able to scan.

Here are some of me when I was growing up.
Me...just a few days old. :)


Mmmm, birthday cake!

Before Santa was banned from the home...

I believe this was at my Great Aunt Opal's house in Kentucky.

Posing for the camera.

Me, mom, and John. John was holding our dog Hercules. Doesn't he look like a Hercules?

2nd Grade

This was the night of my Kindergarten graduation from Southside Christian Academy in Greenville, SC.

John, me, and Larry Jr. My eyes always looked a little slanted. I think it's because mom pulled my ponytails too tight. :)

Me and my Baby Alive.

Larry Jr, daddy, John, mom, and me.

Being silly at a local park.

Me roller skating. I've always loved roller skating.
Being crazy...again...I did love my boots though. :)

Me and my mommy.

3rd Grade

Daddy and me

Me shoving John into a trash can in Charleston.

John putting me in the same trash can. See I still managed the peace sign. Kids today think they started that. HA! ;)

Me and Melissa Ammons at Carowinds. Her parents are still missionaries in Africa. Our church supports them too.

Me in Ohio...I believe at James Day Park...not sure.

Me and my future mother-in-law.

Me and my future husband.

I'm thinking this was taken when we went to see my brother Larry in Fort Benning, Georgia. How 'bout that eye shadow???? WOW!