Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Your Heart Fixed Yet?

The thoughts I was having Tuesday (See the post below) were followed up by Pastor Goodman's sermon Wednesday night. I'm always like, WOW, when that happens. You know what I mean, right? You have thoughts and scripture and things going on in your head that only you and your poor husband, who had to hear you rant, know about? And then when you get to church the Pastor hits on it a few times? And you look at your hubby and you say, "Can you believe that?" That's what happened Wednesday night. So I wanted to share a few of my notes from that sermon.

The whole point of yesterday's post has everything to do with a fixed heart. A heart that is firmly established. Our heart is the seed of emotion. If God gets your mind, He will get your heart and your emotions will become His as well.

Pastor's sermon was from Psalm 112:7-8, "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies."

God looks on our heart. (Psalm 37:31). Fall in love with Jesus where nothing else matters. When we're in love with Him, what the world is doing will be of no relevance to us. The desires of our hearts will be on the Heavenly things.

(Col 3:1) Our affections should be on Him instead of things of the world. Don't let the world cause Him to become dim. Let HIM cause the world to become dim. Live a life that is CONSISTENT to the WORD OF GOD!

I think that's where most of those Christians I referred to in yesterday's post have missed the mark. There is no consistency in what they say they believe and how they live. They are confusing the world with their talk and their actions. Not to mention confusing other Christians.

(Acts 5:42) Praise Him, Promote Him, Personify Him!

Have your heart fixed on convictions. Convictions are agreements with God. Not with your preferences, because God does not have to be in agreement with YOU. If your preferences help you live a life closer to God, more power to them. But WE should be in agreement with HIS precepts and principles. Dress right! Talk right! Live right!

Have your heart fixed on the church. Make up your mind to miss less church than ever before. Go to Sunday school. Go to prayer meeting. Don't just sit on the pew and pat yourself on the back for showing up. Get involved! Be a part of the out reach ministries. If you can't go to them, pray for them! If you sit at home on Saturday night or Sunday and pass around the thought of whether or not you may or may not go to church the following services, your heart is not fixed.