Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foot Frenzy

We had a ladies meeting at church last night. The theme was "Foot Frenzy, Look for me at Jesus Feet." Mrs. Ava had feet everywhere. It was cute. The shadow box was filled with feet and if you look on the floor there was a path of feet leading into the fellowship building.

On each table was a gift bag and on the bottom of each plate, a number. At the end of the evening if your number was called, you got the gift bag on your table, which had a foot lotion, foot scrub, or foot cream in it.

Mrs. Ava also had a basket of socks on the table. As each lady walked in they chose a pair of socks to wear during the meeting and take home with them.

I see sock-feet!

Each lady brought a dessert and drink.

Mrs. Marlett and Elizabeth

Mrs. Catfish came to talk with Katherine and Hannah. She is the sweetest little lady. I'll have to do a Faith Baptist Senior Moment on her soon because she has some good stories.

Diane had a beautiful necklace on and was showing it to us. Wouldn't you know she wasn't wearing it when I took this picture!! LOL

Sharon and Robin

Elizabeth is a new face to our church. She seemed to enjoy it last night.

Left to right: Tammy, Nancy, Gail, Sylvia, and Mander. I have no idea what Mander is doing here, but the feet match her shirt. :)

Jeannie, Kim, and Marla

LeAnna, Kelsey, and Taylor

Three lovies! :)

Mrs. Constner

Mrs. Ava wanted everyone to sign up so she could buy subs. They were really good! Janet got them unwrapped and on the plates for us. Thanks, Janet! :)

The sub table.

Brenda, Mrs. Carolyn, and Mrs. Ann. That's my buddy, Dana behind Mrs. Ann.

Wendy and Mrs. Rector.

Charlene, Katherine, and Vicky

Linda W, Linda T, and Kim.

Mrs. Ava set up a game where several ladies stood hidden behind a couple of large sheets, wearing no socks or shoes. They would stick one foot out and the other ladies would have to guess whose foot it was. The ladies guessing were delegated by their table to go up and guess.

That's Mrs. Janet's foot. She was shaking it..that's why it's blury. LOL

Here's a couple of them sticking their feet out.

Mrs. Ava spoke on things we'll do at Jesus' feet. Her notes are below her picture. Hannah and I had a great time. It was a wonderful theme and a lot of fun!!
Things we can do at Jesus' feet:
  1. Luke 10:39...We can learn at His feet. Be attentive and listen to Him!
  2. John 11:32-35...We can weep at His feet. When we feel we are at our lowest and have no place to turn, just fall at His feet. He will be there to comfort us and lift us up.
  3. John 12:3...We can serve at His feet. He is worthy of our service. Take part in the church's ministries, have the right motive, and give that ministry our all. Not to be seen of others, but to help further the cause of Christ.