Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spouses Day

Brother John O'Malley is a member or our church, director of WWNTBM, and someone we consider a good friend. He cracks me up, though, because he is always letting us know of special days that are not usually on the calendar. For instance, Pie Day. This was last Saturday. He let us know several days in advance. I was all geared up and ready for Pie Day. Thought about it all week long. Thinking of different pies I might like to make. Then Saturday came. I had no time to make a pie. I was bummed. I felt like my whole day was wasted because I did not get my pie made. LOL
Well, today he posted on facebook that today is Spouses Day. He asked, "What makes your spouse special?"

This is what Bruce said about me: "She's a natural at giving her time, talent, and resources for others. She's an inspiration to me. She gets more beautiful everyday."

Isn't that sweet? I started to post why Bruce was a special spouse, but it was beginning to get too long for the comment and I decided to post it here instead. :)

Bruce is special because God has given him the ability to use his hands in so many different ways. He is a carpenter, a musician, a mechanic, a machinist, etc. He can do anything he puts his hands to. He relies on God to help him do it all. He is a loving father, a strong disciplinarian, and gives to his family MUCH more than most men will give. He is creative in his poetry, tender in his touch, and sweet as pie. :) He is also very observant. A lot of times he'll see things in people I don't see right off. I'm too fast to become friends with someone before I realize it wasn't a good idea. And then I have to hear him say, "I told you there wasn't something right about them." He believes in being accountable for your own actions. If you do something wrong, take responsibility for it. Don't put the blame on others and do what you can to make it right. This is something he tries to teach our children on a daily basis. That, and "The choices we make dictate the life we lead." But what makes him most special is his ability to stay in tune with the Lord through his daily Bible reading and prayer. He is very disciplined in this area and I admire him for that. It is a comfort for a wife...the weaker vessel...to know her husband cares what God thinks. To be led by him, comforted by him, and counseled by him. Bruce is a very special spouse and I am thankful for him each and every day.

So tell me....what makes YOUR spouse special?