Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This and That

I did not resolve to blog more frequently than I have as of late, however, I do want to try. I have not been the good blogger I once was. LOL BUT! We'll see what happens.

Bruce won't let anyone in the attic except for himself in order to keep.....order. So I'm still waiting for my Christmas boxes to be brought down in order to put things back to.....order......around here. I loved my Christmas tree when we put it up. Now it's looking rather dull and I'm ready to see it gone. Here it is January 6 and this is it for me. This is my goal date each year. The sixth of January!!! If the boxes don't come down tonight I will take this tree, not caring that it is artificial, and I will plant it in my back yard! I'd rather do that than nag.

Late last night I made rice crispy treats after mentioning to Arlene that butterscotch chips were good when mixed in with the treats. Of course I did not have butterscotch chips on hand, but I did have all the other stuff. So when everyone had breakfast this morning, rice crispy treats seemed to be the one thing on the menu they all agreed upon. Hey, don't judge me as a mother. It's made with cereal and cereal is a breakfast food!!

I've been reading Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser and have enjoyed it so much! She is a history fiction writer. This book is taken from the perspective of Martha Washington. As I read it, I feel as though she is speaking directly to me, telling me the story of her life. It has been great! I get in chapter a night...possibly two. Depending on my time and how tired I am. But I look forward to lighting a candle and crawling in bed each night so I can read the next chapter. Not that I read by candle light. I just like the smell of cinnamon...or vanilla...or pumpkin...while I'm settling in for the night. Not to mention the ambiance. Anyway, if you haven't read this book, you need to pick it up somewhere. I am sure the local book stores would have a copy of it.

And thus concludes my blog for today. Back to homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, that order! :)