Monday, January 25, 2010

Sigma Saturday and Spirit-filled Sunday

We had Sigma Saturday this weekend. Sigma Saturday is a time for the youth to get together and say verses, listen to our Youth Pastor preach, and have a time of games and fellowship. We loaded the vans and took them to CiCi's pizza in Gastonia. Then back to the fellowship building for games and preaching.

The game Brother RJ had was a game of soccer.....with several little bouncy balls. You know, like the ones you get out of a gumball machine? It was kind of funny watching the kids kill each other over those little balls.

This is team A. Justin C was doing something...I have no earthly idea what, but the camera caught him in some funny move there.

Team B

Let the games begin!

The object of the game was for your team to hit the other teams wall with the ball as many times as you could. Sounds easy, I know, but remember when those little bouncy balls hit something they fly off in another direction. Matthew was either a spectator or a referee...I haven't figured that out yet. hehe

Apparently one of the other team's bouncy balls got stuck under a high chair.

Garrett and Kendall nearly broke each other's neck getting to their bouncy ball.

Once the games were finished, it was time for announcements...


and preaching. This is not how Brother RJ preaches. This is just the only picture I got of him with his Bible. He preached shortly after this. LOL

And thus concluded our Sigma Saturday. We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend and the youth revival we will be attending here locally. Our youth choir has been asked to sing. I know they'll do a terrific job. We'll be missing my buddy, Janet's, birthday party though. I hate that. BUT! I'll be thinking of her and hoping she has a great party just the same. She knows I love her. :)
Sunday was great. Both services were fired up. God was definitely there with us and there was a sweet spirit in the congregation. We had a young lady saved in bus ministry Saturday morning and that just set the tone for Sunday! There were some burdens the Lord was able to take for some that would let Him, and some hearts were changed. What a great day!!
Attendance in nursery has been low. There has been a lot of sickness. There have been all kinds of little sickies. :( I think there were five in the toddler nursery and we usually have three times that and maybe a couple more. No infants. And only two in babies. It was low!
The sanctuary was FULL and on fire. For the last few months we have been blessed with a LOT of visitors and new members. It was like the Lord did what He needed to do in His garden and planted new growth. It's been wonderful! Just a sweet spirit all around! Anyway, one of our college kids form Ambassador, had visitors with him. His Pastor from Michigan, who also brought his daughter. The pastor's daughter just also happens to be our college student's lady-friend. What an adorable couple they are and she is just gorgeous!!! She played the piano and they sang together last night. It was really beautiful. I enjoyed her playing and singing very much! What a blessing! I was taking a video and the camera just stopped. Then I realized I left my SD in the computer when I uploaded the Sigma pics. So I didn't get her video. But I'll get it next time! Her daddy was on the front pew and got right in on the worship service. That was a blessing to see. When her daddy comes again, he said he is bringing his wife also. We look forward to that.
And that was our weekend. Hope yours was a wonderful as ours.