Thursday, April 30, 2009

Before and After!

Waiting for a bay to open so Justin could paint the car was a long wait! But well worth it.


He pulled out all of the dents, primed it, and painted it.

Thank you, Justin. You did a spectacular job. I am one very proud mama!!! And not just for this. I love you!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Think Ye?

So, a friend of mine posted this on her fb. What think ye?

Some recent events being promoted by the Obama administration of which you might want to be aware:

1. The current administration is considering prosecuting civilian and military employees of the Federal Govt. for "enhanced interrogation" of enemy combatants; a perfectly legal activity at the time. During tenure of the Bush administration, members of Congress and the Senate were fully aware of these practices; not only supporting and endorsing them but in many instances asking if such methods now touted as “too severe” would really work. Here’s an article directed at Nancy Pelosi:

2. A congressional committee approved for presentation to the House, or Senate, a bill which would make it a federal crime to say anything which would be offensive to a member of any protected group, i.e. homosexuals, minorities, illegal aliens, etc. See article here: . A republican tried to get an amendment to exclude religious speech, i.e. teaching from the Bible, but it was voted down.

3. Two items from this weekend's Mike Huckabee program ( A lawyer, Michael Farris, who used to work for the U.S. Govt., and is now the head of some conservative, watchdog group from the state of Washington, told of a teenager who was complaining at school that his parents made him go to church "all the time". (Sunday morning and evening, and Wednesday night.) It got to school officials who notified the social service agency that "protects" children. It got into court, and a judge gave the parents a choice: The parents could force the kid to go to church only on Sunday morning once a week. If they did not agree, they would give up the kid to foster care. See article here:

4. The U.S. Dept. of State is apparently sitting on a treaty with the U.N., which was signed by Madeline Albright during the Clinton administration but was not presented to the U.S. Senate for ratification due to an "unfavorable" climate for approval. The Administration now feels that it can pass, so anticipates presenting it soon. This is apparently a "children's rights" treaty which among other things, would make it a crime for any parent to administrate corporal punishment on any child for any reason. When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they felt that international treaties were so important that they would override any U.S. laws, including the Constitution. (This too is covered on the Huckabee website, and it is all over the Internet, but it is not being played on the main stream media.)

Other recent activities by the Obama administration:

1. The "Fairness Doctrine", which would mandate that any radio station that presented any controversial issue, would have to give equal time to the opposite view. For example: a presentation against abortion would have to give equal time to a pro-abortion group, or vice versa. It’s not at all about “Fairness” or “Balance”. It’s about “No Conservative airtime.”

2. The "right of conscience" executive order (or, possibly a law) would mandate that no health care workers could opt out of any medical procedure, namely abortion, prescription filling, etc. because it violated his moral/religious standards. Health care workers or hospitals, etc. that fail to comply would lose their licenses to practice. This is far and away the opposite of the eleventh hour executive order issued by the Bush administration, which supported the rights of medical workers and would place any institution found denying those rights or failing to comply, at risk of losing federal funding.

Monday, April 27, 2009


The other night, the girls took lots of pictures and videos with my camera, but only a couple were on there when I went to download them. So I'm guessing that one of them decided to get rid of the......unflattering pics and videos.

Bruce came home from Myrtle Beach Saturday afternoon. I was very happy to see my sweetheart. While he was on the road coming home, I met my buddy, Dana, whose husband was also on the fishing trip, for lunch at Broco's. We met at 12:00 and I was back in my car at 3:41. Yes, we sat there for three and a half hours laughing and talking and laughing some more. And then spent a few more minutes in the parking lot talking before Chris called to tell her they were back in town. I had a GREAT time! This morning at church she handed me a card. When I opened it up and saw the picture on the front, I totally cracked up. It was so appropriate for a part of our talks. I have looked at it off and on all day today and have giggled every single time.

Pastor Goodman asked our church tonight how we were blessed. I am blessed to have a wonderful family and the greatest friends anyone could ask for.

The last couple of weeks has been pretty busy. We're winding down the end of our school year and right now there are so many things going on. This week we will finish up our testing and Justin will begin painting the hood of my car. YAY! This does mean, however, that I will be without a car for a few days. But I suppose we'll manage. Bruce and I will also be practicing non-stop on the songs we're singing for our Pastor's son's wedding. I'm also directing the wedding so I'm a little nervous. I don't know why. Everything is going to be great. I truly am looking forward to it. On top of all of this, something else has come up that I need to help Justin with this week. Lord willing we'll get it all done without me losing my mind!!

We had a terrific service tonight. It was a blessing. Here's a video of everyone singing the chorus to I Am Blessed, followed by a few testimonies.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hannah and I had a great time with friends last night. My friend, Janet, and her daughter, Kendra, came over for some girlie time while Bruce was out of town on the men's trip and her husband was out of town with their youngest son at a story-telling convention.

Justin and Harrison went out with Clayton (Janet's son) to get something to eat and hang out at the mall for a little bit.

While we had the house to ourselves, us girls ate pizza, brownies, iced sugar cookies, chips and dip, and drinks. And while we totally ate too much, we watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Which Susan, from By Grace, suggested reading the book too. So I definitely intend on looking for that. We cried during this movie and needed a pick-me-up so we followed that movie by watching Shirley Temple. She's a guaranteed smile every time.

After our flicks, we played a couple of hours on the Wii Fit. Which was really hilarious. I do enjoy that game!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fisher's of Men or Just Fishermen?....Why Not Both?

Sigma is winding down for the year and last night some of the kids were scrambling to say verses to earn those last minutes points before the year is up.

(Evan and Hannah)
Brother RJ brought the sermon to us outside last night. It was nice, but the batteries in my camera went dead and the other one was inside the building. So I wasn't able to get any pics of us outside. I have to tell you, I was very bummed about that.
I switched my batteries when we went back inside which would explain why I was able to get a picture of Bruce and me at McDonald's last night. He was leaving for a men's fishing trip this morning so we decided to go for ice cream and pie after church. We each took a pic of us with the one tray. We did not have our own tray of two ice creams and two apple pies. I promise. LOL

It was a nice treat since he'll be gone for a few days and we'll miss our date night.
He took off work last night since they were leaving so early this morning. He was up and ready to go on time. I miss him so much already.
They usually go fishing down at Cherry Grove in Myrtle Beach. I'm not sure exactly where they are this time. But I do know that they are in a lot of smoke. Over 15,000 acres had been burned by this morning. I hope the smoke doesn't kill the fun for them.
I have a busy weekend planned. I was going to do something with my kids tonight, but it didn't work out. The day got gone! So while I finish cleaning my house (which desperately needs it) they are going over to spend the evening with their grandparents. I look forward to tackling the house. I had a conversation with a friend this morning who mentioned that sometimes we just needed a break. Which almost made me consider just not worrying about the house and dealing with it later. But then I decided that I really wanted to mess with it and get something accomplished. It's my home!!! :) What better time to work on it than when everyone is gone?!
Tomorrow night, Hannah and I have plans with my friend Janet and her daughter, Kendra. Looking forward to a good time with them, just chillin' and being brain dead for a couple of hours. lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Casting Off

Sunday night after church, a few of us got together and headed to Ham's to celebrate Brother Greg getting his cast off.

Here's Levi during the evening service singing I'm Headed Home with his grandpa.

Brother Joel, Josh, and Daniel talking at Ham's.

The cast-away, man. :) Bless his heart. I hope he stays off ladders for a very long time!

Greg's sweet wife and my little buddy, Janet!

Amy!! Waiting for her hubby to get off work and join us.

Some of the girls chit-chatting.

Brother Ronnie and Brother Tim in a deep conversation. Yeah right!

Amy and Dustin....ain't he cute?

Angie and Meghan waiting on their Ham's chips!

Ethan enjoying some fries. YUM!

Brother Daniel and Brother Joel

Joseph being funny for the camera. This kid is a riot!

Brother Brian made it from work, looking all sleepy. I guess it rubbed off on Dustin because he was snoozing!

It was a nice bit of fellowship. I needed it.

Monday, April 20, 2009


It's that time of year again when we "take a break" from the school books and focus on our end of year testing. Harrison finished his testing last week and Hannah began hers today. Justin is testing both last week and this week. Three out of three of my children dislike the reading and comprehension. I guess because it takes the longest to complete.

Hannah just finished up for the day and now it's time to start on supper. I have a brown sugar and honey glazed, spiral ham ready to pop in the oven, with corn bread and veggies on the side.

I worked the nursery during yesterday's morning service. I worked with Kendra and wished I had brought my camera back with me. There was some really funny stuff going on in there yesterday and most of it involved three or four toddlers fighting over one little shopping buggy. We really need to invest in several of those. hehe

We had a great service last night and Pastor preached a sermon that was dead on something Hannah and I had discussed earlier that weekend. Isn't that just like God?

Bruce is attempting to purchase the supplies that Justin needs to paint my car. He went Friday to Franco Paints and before looking at what he needed they wanted to know his budget. Uhhh, how about looking at what we need and give us an estimate? Isn't that the proper way to do business? This caused a red flag to pop up for Bruce so he left and is trying another place today.

I feel a headache coming on. I hope it's not going to be a migraine. Hate is such a strong word, but I really hate migraines.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sermons, Flowers, Fish Planks, and Ammo

Wednesday night, Jeremy preached a message to the teenagers. It was one that every youth group should hear from another teenager. He did a great job.

Even Mrs. Liz and Brother RJ's dog thought so.

I have yet to figure out what Jacob is doing here.

And we have flowers blooming, people!

All three of my children had different plans last night and spent the night in different places. So, Bruce and I ate at Long John Silver's, came home and watched a DVD together, ate some Edward's Hershey Cream Pie, enjoyed our evening, and hit the sack.

This morning I'll be doing my normal Saturday routine while Bruce enjoys some time out with some men in our church at a gun show. Better buy up those guns and ammo before Ob*ma and his minions take 'em away!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunday's Easter Parade!

Never saw you look quite so pretty before
Never saw you dress quite so handsome - what's more

I could hardly wait to keep our date
This lovely Easter morning

And my heart beat fast as I came through the door

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest fella in the Easter parade.

I'll be all in clover, and when they look us over
We'll be the proudest couple in the Easter parade.

On the avenue, Fifth Avenue,
The photographers will snap us
And you'll find that you're in the rotogravure.

Oh, I could write a sonnet, about your Easter bonnet
And of the guy I'm taking to the Easter Parade.

On the avenue, Fifth Avenue,
The photographers will snap us
And you'll find that you're in the rotogravure.

Oh, I could write a sonnet
About your Easter bonnet

And of the girl I'm taking to the Easter Parade.