Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday...Part II

When the grandparents left after Harrison's Birthday lunch, I gave the boys a hair cut, rested for a minute, and then we went to a birthday party for two sisters in our church. Their dad (Mike) was making his famous burgers, but I'm not posting any pics of him. He made me promise I wouldn't take pictures of him. And I didn't. Hannah got a few of him for me, but I'm not going to post them. I don't want him to hate me, you know? :)
This is Mike's step dad and Bruce.


The girl's mom (Kim) getting ready to feed the hungry mob.

Robin and Jeff making a line to dig in!! I was right behind them! Or I may have been before them. lol

There were hamburgers and hotdogs, Mike's homemade fries, chips and dips, and all the trimmin's that make a cookout a...well...cookout!

Several teens from our youth group were there for Taylor. This is Crystal!
Crystal and Cassie


Harrison with a mouth full of burger!

Caylyn! I hope I spelled her name correctly. She is the sweetest little girl!

Cheyenne!!! Lookin' all cool in her shades.

Kim ordered the girl's cakes from our friend, Amy, at church. Aren't they cute?

After cake and ice cream, it was card and gift time! Madison sat at at a table with her friends...

...and Taylor sat at another table with hers.

There was a slight chill in the air and this fire was nice to stand next to every once in a while.

Taylor is like her dad and doesn't like her picture taken. I don't know why...look at her smile.

Madison on the other hand, is not camera shy and she stopped to smile for me. Ain't she cute?

Alexis and Raven are Robin and Jeff's daughters. Caylyn is their little sister. Pretty, pretty girls!

Harrison and Bruce!

Anner and Spencer

I love this picture of Cassie. She smiles like this all the time.

Mike's mom and step dad. His mom is soooo nice!

Robin was giving the thumbs up on the cake. It was really good. You did great, Amy!!

Callie is Cassie's sister and friends with Madison.

Crystal was being all crazy whack-ish here. Only a few people will understand that. HEHE

Tyler and Clint were there too.
Justin was in and out of the party because of another obligation so no pics of him. We had a great time.
Mike, the burgers were fantastic! Kim, you know I love that fiesta dip!! Taylor and Madison, we love you and hope you had a terrific birthday!!!