Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sermons, Flowers, Fish Planks, and Ammo

Wednesday night, Jeremy preached a message to the teenagers. It was one that every youth group should hear from another teenager. He did a great job.

Even Mrs. Liz and Brother RJ's dog thought so.

I have yet to figure out what Jacob is doing here.

And we have flowers blooming, people!

All three of my children had different plans last night and spent the night in different places. So, Bruce and I ate at Long John Silver's, came home and watched a DVD together, ate some Edward's Hershey Cream Pie, enjoyed our evening, and hit the sack.

This morning I'll be doing my normal Saturday routine while Bruce enjoys some time out with some men in our church at a gun show. Better buy up those guns and ammo before Ob*ma and his minions take 'em away!!!