Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Harry!!

Harrison is nine years old TODAY!!!
April 11, 2000, he entered the world and our lives like a whirlwind! We weren't expecting him six weeks early, but he just couldn't wait any longer.

He had a rough start, but he was a little trooper.

I was so excited when I found out I would be able to hold him for the very first time, several days after he was born.

One Sunday, they even let Hannah and Justin come in to see him.

Hannah was very happy to see her little brother. After all, she was a big sister now. And she hasn't left his side since.

This particular day he kept looking at his little toy his Maw Maw bought him. No doubt he was fascinated with the red, white, and black.

We were so glad the day he came out of the NICU and we no longer had to see him hooked up to everything. Now all we had to do was get him to eat!

Finally, the day came for us to bring him home. We were a family under one roof again!!

He was always being held by someone.

I don't believe he was put down very much.

This was his first doctor visit after leaving the hospital. He went from 6.9 to 6.13. I was so proud of him!!

He loved his cradle. He was very content there.

He was very content laying on his daddy also. :)

And he really enjoyed swinging.

Oh my, the many kisses bestowed on our little man!!

And he was absolutely adored by his brother and sister.

Sunday morning before church, he would always go back to sleep for that little cat nap before leaving the house.

Justin always seemed to be the one holding him on Sunday mornings. LOL

I have to say this picture cracks me up!! If this doesn't make you laugh, you desperately need a sense of humor. ha!

I only saw him suck his thumb twice. This is one of those times. I thought it was sweet, but thankful he never really enjoyed it.

And of course he loved it when Justin and Hannah would take him outside to swing. YAY!!

He liked stylin' in his daddy's do-rag and sunglasses.

I would say, "Show me your teeth," and this was what he would do. Cute, huh?

He loved ice cream sandwiches. This was his first one at his grandparent's home. After that, he wanted one everytime we went over.

This was Hannah's birthday present, but he thought for sure it was meant for her to ride him around in. He would cry and cry until she would strap him in and drive him around. More times than none, he would fall asleep as she drove him around.

One year his birthday fell on a Wednesday, so we had a party with his Patch class that night at snack time.

It wasn't long until five years had passed. WOW!

And then three more quickly followed. He loves games. Board games, electronic games...

Computer games!

And now he's nine. It passed so quickly.
Happy Birthday, Harry!! We love you and are so blessed that God gave you to us.