Saturday, April 4, 2009


My roomies last night...Kendra, Moriah, and Hannah.

Moriah was feeling crazy this morning. LOL

Kendra and Hannah on the bus ready to go shopping at the mall this morning!



Jamie C totally crackin' up. At what I can't remember.

Alexis and Raven ready to shop! These girls like to hunt purses. Big purses. Like LUGGAGE purses!

E and LeAnna ready to go shop and then to meetin'!


Gary!!!! Meow (It's an inside joke. He gets it.)


Moriah and Katherine!!!

Justin and Spencer!!!!

Crystal!!! This is her last year in Sigma. We sure are gonna miss her when she's gone. But we're looking to see what the Lord does with her life!

Taylor and Cassie!!!!

Chris and Dana!!!! They're our buddies. :)

Mrs. Janet!!!! Let's roll!

Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz...they're awake this time!

This one was just funny.

Mrs. of our bus drivers and LeAnna's mom. We LOVE HER!

Pamela!! Her hubby was one of our drivers. So she came toooooo!!!

Brother Greg was our first driver this morning. He did great....

...rainbow boot and all!

Brother Joel...bus driver...husband to Pamela...father to Caleb and Nicole...Master to Sirus. HA!

My Brucey and me...and Brother Chris, who was holding his hand over Bruce's head.

We had several hours to kill before the meeting tonight so we took the teens to the West Town Mall for shopping and lunch. They have a pretty neat mall here.
Marla and her giant Mountain Dew that she got a great deal on.

Brother RJ got a good deal on this giant Diet Pepsi too. But that's not a real smile. He doesn't do diet!

Although, Mrs. Liz DOES love Diet Pepsi. Must have been hers.

We checked into hotel number two after the mall. And these are my roomies tonight..Hannah, Katherine, and Kendra.

Meeting started at 7:30 and I have to say the Devil had me doubting some things tonight. I was beginning to think that maybe this trip was going to be a loss cause. It just seemed like he had been fighting the entire day. How would we ever let the day go and give the meeting to God? But thankfully, the Lord did move in the midst of His people and it was spectacular! And let me just say, that if God is walking up and down the isles and in and out of the pews, it just doesn't matter where you're sitting in the house of God! You will still feel His presence!

Those lovely ladies in the front are Brother Hutson's daughter and mother.

We enjoyed the music by this trio. The piano player was their third singer. I love the music up here. It's so good!!

I don't know his name, but I'm calling him "Fireproof!" I'll have a video of that reason for you later. He's a spitfire!

Brother Tony Hutson. Love to hear and watch him go up there! I get really tickled when he starts preaching while the other preacher is preaching. It's like sending two batters up to bat. And believe me, they always hit 'em home!

This was the second preacher. He was good too. He preached a great sermon on quenching the Holy Ghost.

Brother Greg found a couch to lounge on while everyone exited the building for pizza and snacks. Bless his heart. We're praying daily for his leg to get better and he's making some great progress!

Pastor Goodman is preaching tomorrow morn. Or so he's supposed to be! They don't go by program here. They go by Holy Ghost. So we'll see what happens. :) We love our Pastor!!
Hey, there's Bruce in the mirror!

Everyone went to the gym for pizza, soda, and snacks. Pizza seems to be a big hit around teens. did y'all know that? :P

One of our favorite church families made it up for the meeting. Here's Blake!!!

And Brother Jeff, who just graduated from Army boot camp.
Check out that nifty high and tight.

His other son, Dillan. Quite the character, I'm tellin' ya!

And let's not forget Jeff's wife, Michelle and their sweet little Princess, Marigrace, who was snuggled and rested on her mama.

Those kisses get sweeter when you've been away from each other for a while, aye, Michelle?

The kids were feeling great after the meeting tonight and sang almost all the way back to the hotel. It was nice listening to their voices blend.
Praying for a good service tomorrow!!!