Thursday, April 2, 2009

Murfreesboro, 2009!!

We've made it to our first destination. We left the church between 5:15-5:30, stopping once...or twice...or maybe it was three get snacks and check tires.

Tammy sure was enjoying her fudge round.

And we're on the road again!

Brother RJ was devouring a nutty buddy. GO BRO RJ! GET THAT CHOCO-PEANUT BUTTER DELIGHT!!!

Justin C looking all innocent. But we know better, don't we Justin!

Crystal lookin' all sweet and listenin' to her tunes.

My sweetie pie girl!

Marla was one of our bus drivers. HI MARLA! Thanks for getting us there safe and sound!

Brother Joel is also one of our bus drivers. Here he is reading the Curiously Compelling Bathroom Book. A must read for any bus adventure.

Bruce got his nose stuck between the seats. How he gets himself into these situations, I'll never know.

RJ and Liz were feeling cozy and tired. Sweet dreams, peeps!

Forunately I am rooming with Hannah, Kendra, and Moriah. Moriah brought the essentials for any road trip. Way to go, Moriah!
And a special shout out to the "mom" that sent them. Thanks, Kellie! I think I'll have her room with me tomorrow night too.
Mrs. Janet bought 20 pizzas for 40 hungry teenagers. Their bellies were full, room keys were given out, and now we're winding down...sort of.
Right now the girls are playing a game of spoons while I do this blog post. They've gone swimming and in just a little bit I'll be confiscating phones and we'll be hittin' the sack. I'm getting so old! Where does their energy come from, anyway?