Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fisher's of Men or Just Fishermen?....Why Not Both?

Sigma is winding down for the year and last night some of the kids were scrambling to say verses to earn those last minutes points before the year is up.

(Evan and Hannah)
Brother RJ brought the sermon to us outside last night. It was nice, but the batteries in my camera went dead and the other one was inside the building. So I wasn't able to get any pics of us outside. I have to tell you, I was very bummed about that.
I switched my batteries when we went back inside which would explain why I was able to get a picture of Bruce and me at McDonald's last night. He was leaving for a men's fishing trip this morning so we decided to go for ice cream and pie after church. We each took a pic of us with the one tray. We did not have our own tray of two ice creams and two apple pies. I promise. LOL

It was a nice treat since he'll be gone for a few days and we'll miss our date night.
He took off work last night since they were leaving so early this morning. He was up and ready to go on time. I miss him so much already.
They usually go fishing down at Cherry Grove in Myrtle Beach. I'm not sure exactly where they are this time. But I do know that they are in a lot of smoke. Over 15,000 acres had been burned by this morning. I hope the smoke doesn't kill the fun for them.
I have a busy weekend planned. I was going to do something with my kids tonight, but it didn't work out. The day got gone! So while I finish cleaning my house (which desperately needs it) they are going over to spend the evening with their grandparents. I look forward to tackling the house. I had a conversation with a friend this morning who mentioned that sometimes we just needed a break. Which almost made me consider just not worrying about the house and dealing with it later. But then I decided that I really wanted to mess with it and get something accomplished. It's my home!!! :) What better time to work on it than when everyone is gone?!
Tomorrow night, Hannah and I have plans with my friend Janet and her daughter, Kendra. Looking forward to a good time with them, just chillin' and being brain dead for a couple of hours. lol