Monday, April 13, 2009


Hannah and I had an appointment at the beauty shop Friday. We also needed to take Justin to his favorite "church" clothing store to be fitted for a new dress shirt for Easter. So the boys went with us to the beauty shop. I don't believe it's their favorite place to be with all the females cackling and clucking over girl stuff. But they were pretty good troopers about it.

Doesn't Justin look excited to be there? LOL

Usually when I go see Missy on a Friday, I can pretty much guarantee that I'll get to see her mom and dad and her little boy, Levi. Levi is hilarious and I love hearing him talk and tell his little stories. What a great kid!

Missy and her mommy!

Hannah's "before" shot. I never did get a good "after" shot. It was pouring the rain when we left the beauty shop and none of us had an umbrella. As a matter of fact, it poured the rain all day!! She was so happy to get her hair cut and thinned.


While we were there, my friend Kim came in with her two daughters. The girls were both having birthdays and Kim was having a girlie day with them.

Madison turned 11.

Taylor turned 15.

When we were finished at the beauty shop, we went to the Fashion Mart for Justin's shirt. He chose a green shirt with embroidery on the collar and cuffs. Very nice!

Friday night we headed over to Pam and Joel's for supper. Hannah, Nicole, and Harrison played Monopoly while Justin and some other boys in the youth group took Caleb out for his birthday.

Nicole fixed chicken bre*sts wrapped in itself, which was very good. Nicole, you did a GREAT job!! You need to copy that recipe for Mrs. Kristi and bring it to me! Joel made the mashed taters, which I could have made a meal out of just by themselves. He also had green beans, biscuits, and cookies for dessert. Joel found Cinnabon cookies by Pillsbury and they went so fast I didn't even get to take a picture of them!

We played a game of marbles after supper and then played one we've never played with them before....TOPPLE! This game made my heart skip a beat and it made me nervous too. Can't wait to play it again. lol

Bruce was getting all crazy during the game. You know how he is!

OK, so you have to roll the dice, determine where to put your peg, and hope your peg doesn't topple the game.

Joel made the game topple and tried to blame it on Pam, but she wasn't hearing of it! GET HIM, PAM!

Caleb and Justin came back full as a tick. The boys took Caleb to a Chinese restaurant and a gaming store. They had a good time.
Hope you had a good birthday out with the guys, Caleb!

Before we left, everyone was leaning over the banister watching Joel play with their kitten with the laser light.

He seemed quite unimpressed, although he would paw at it a little bit.

I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure Joel was putting the light on my head in hopes of seeing Smokey jump on me. Thankfully that did not happen.

But he did look down at me as though he were thinking about it.