Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday...Part I

Saturday afternoon we had the grandparents over for Harrison's ninth birthday. Before they arrived for lunch, Bruce took him out and he chose the Wii fit for his birthday gift. All three of the kids have gotten such a workout on this thing already.

Harrison requested Italian chicken with butter and garlic pasta and garlic bread for his lunch. It was so good!

And of course, before we had cake and ice cream, he received his birthday whippin' with one to grow on!!

He chose the triple chocolate cake from Wal Mart. He said he likes the bumps. LOL

Sorry Dad, I didn't realize you were blowing your nose when I snapped this shot.

Mmmm, triple chocolate cake with fudge royal ice cream. Good choice, Harry!

Harrison with my parents....

Harrison with his daddy....

Harrison with his Grandmother....

Harrison with his siblings...

Time to read some cards!

Harrison found money in his cards from his grandparents. It's the perfect gift, really. It's his favorite color and it's always the right size.

He also received a new Safari game for his Wii.

He had a lot of fun playing it when the grandparents left.
He had a good birthday. Later that afternoon I gave each of the boys a hair cut, we rested a little bit, and then got ready for another birthday party at a friend's house. Which I'll post about that tomorrow! It was a big birthday day!!