Friday, January 29, 2010


Bet you thought I was going to say something about the popular TV show, huh?. I'm talking about twenty-four hours of holding something that belongs to my children.

As mentioned in a previous post we've been trying to get the kids, especially Harrison, to turn out lights when he leaves a room. I believe the last time I posted on that he was up to writing 50 times, "I will remember to turn out the light."

Every time I found a light on, he would have to write ten times, increasing the times by ten every time. Today he came out of the bathroom and left the light on so I told him he had to write ninety times. He turned out the light, sat down to write and a minute later he was up and in the bathroom again. He walked out of the bathroom, sat down to write and guess what...yep, left the light on. So he had to write ninety times and then turn around and write one hundred times. Poor thing.

I decided that after one hundred times I would try something different. So I announced to the kids that if I found the light on again the light bulb would be mine for 24 hours. About thirty minutes later, I found myself unscrewing the light bulb. They can have it back at 1:11 tomorrow afternoon.

When they did their chores in the dark, used the bathroom in the dark, and showered in the dark, they were pretty positive that when they got their light bulb back tomorrow, the light situation would change. I reckon we'll see.

You know those little book lights you clip to your book when you read? Hannah put hers to use in the bathroom.

Anyway, this was a good idea someone told me about and I used it today. I wonder how many times this will happen?