Friday, August 20, 2010

Who Are You Textin'?

Our associate pastor fills in for Pastor Goodman on Wednesday nights whenever Pastor is preaching revivals through the week and always does a wonderful job! I love hearing Brother Johnny preach. He's GREAT at getting the message across and not to mention just out right hilarious sometimes.

There was something he touched was not his entire message, just something he bumped...but it really got me thinking!!! I know...dangerous, right?

When I was growing up there weren't cell phones with unlimited texting. But there were phones in our homes. Phones that were used to talk to our loved ones. Our friends. Business associates. Etc. But if those phones were used for girls to talk to a dozen boys or boys to talk to a dozen girls when they were committed to someone else, man that would cause some serious issues. Knowing your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse was on the phone with someone else would cause some serious arguments. Jealousy would flare. Fights would start. People would break up over that.

In today's society people don't think twice about texting the opposite gender, whether they have boyfriends or girlfriends or married or not. Sometimes you'll have adults texting minors that are not their family members. Let me just say that if a man were texting my daughter, no matter how "innocent" it was, Bruce would rip his texting fingers right off his hands. And if a woman were texting my sons, no matter how "innocent" it was, I would do the same to her! There is never ANY reason for a man to text a young girl or woman that is not his spouse or family and there is never ANY reason for a woman to text a young man or man that is not her spouse or family. This can give the devil a hold on something that could destroy a person's testimony or your character.

And on the boyfriend/girlfriend issue of this, it's so common to keep in touch with the opposite gender through texting that once you get married it's already become an everyday thing that you don't even stop to think about. And can give the devil a hold on something that could destroy a person's testimony and character.

This doesn't go for just cell phones and texting. This goes for emails, private messages, chats, etc.
Bruce and I do not have cell phones. Neither do Hannah or Harrison. Justin has one, but only because he pays for it himself. Bruce and I stopped carrying one several years ago when he really didn't want to do the whole cell phone thing and I went over my minutes for the second month in a row. LOL But I'm glad we don't carry them. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that we had ailing parents, Bruce would probably do away with the home phone too.

I've seen teens AND ADULTS texting or sending pictures during church. They text and talk on phones during supper out with the family. They text and call on dates and parties. And everyone always says they have a cell phone in case of emergencies. Really? I think it's more out of convenience and the need to be in constant contact with someone.

And how many times have we heard cell phones going off during church, funerals, and weddings? OH PLEASE! That drives me insane. They are more of a nuisance than they are anything.

All this to say, there's nothing wrong with texting. There's nothing wrong with cell phones, emails, private messages, or chats! But check up on who all you're doing these things with. If you're texting women/girls that aren't your wife or girlfriend, or if you're texting men/young men that aren't your husband or boyfriend, you're just setting yourself up for a fall.

That little Sunday school song we sang when I was a child comes to mind....

Oh, be careful little hands what you do
Oh, be careful little hands what you do
For the Father up above, is looking down in love
Oh, be careful little hands what you do...

Hebrews 5:14, "But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.