Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cornerstone Ladies Fellowship

Mom met with me and Hannah this morning and we made our way over to meet some of our church ladies at the Cornerstone Ladies Fellowship. It's always fun to walk in and look at all the door prizes. LOL Hannah won that rug you see rolled up on the pew. The makers of that rug donated it as a door prize. They're the ones that make all the checker board rugs you find at Cracker Barrel.

The theme was vessels of honor. On the communion table was a beautiful fountain of four vessels. It was the last door prize given. So pretty!

Mrs. Dana did a wonderful job on her first big ladies meeting. All the women in their church did a great job!

Mrs. Dana was our first speaker. This was the first time I had heard her speak and I really enjoyed her session on the different vessels we can choose to be.

Mrs. Peggy (a member of Cornerstone), led the singing. She kept the blood flowing.

Giving away door prizes...

Mrs. Dana took the time to honor every Pastor's wife that was able to attend. That was such a nice thing for her to do. And there's my Pastor's wife. The best Pastor's wife this side of....well....everywhere!

Mrs. Dana drew the pastor's wife that would be queen for a day. This lady, I believe she was one of the Simpson ladies, won. She got to wear a tiara, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sat in a special chair during the sessions, and even got a pedicure during the lunch hour. She was given special privilege all day long.

It was good seeing friends too. Mrs. Janice came in from Virginia and she was there at the meeting today. It was so good to see her and get a squeeze off of her. LOL
Mrs. Cindy Owens was our second speaker. I tell you what, this woman is absolutely hilarious. The first time I heard her was on a CD and enjoyed her so much! I was excited to hear she would be one of our speakers today. She spoke on "DID I DO THAT??" Sometimes when the Lord uses us we are amazed and ask ourselves, "Did I do that?" And the Lord will answer back, "No, but I used you to do that because you were a willing vessel for My glory."

The men served the ladies a BBQ lunch they cooked and prepared. They did an awesome job.

Mrs. Peggy was our third speaker. She gave her testimony and spoke on shattered vessels and how God can restore us when we think that our lives are irreparable.

And last, but most certainly not least, was Mrs. Francis Simpson. She is the mother of Cindy Owens. This woman is a nut. I LOVED her! She was a fantastic speaker. She spoke on how we are all cracked pots. Not crackpots. But cracked pots. We are all cracked vessels, but when Jesus is inside of us, the closer we are to Him, the brighter He shines through our cracks and it is still possible for the world to see Him through us, even though we thought He'd never be able to use us.

The sessions were so good. I kept thinking of ladies I know that would have loved this meeting and wishing they could have been there with us.
They ended the meeting with a skit from the HUB Club. Hopes of Unclaimed Blessings. They were a group of ladies that were man hunters and gave their reports on their success or lack thereof for the week. It was so funny.

We had a good time and were filled up and overflowing when we left.
Thank you, Mrs. Dana and ladies of Cornerstone Baptist Church, for all the hard work and love you put into this ladies meeting. I can't wait for next year!