Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little More Revival and Another Golden Nugget From The WORD

Tuesday night of the revival last week, we were so happy that Ally came forward to get saved. She is Kelsey's baby sister. She'll be baptized this Sunday night and I am very excited to see that!

I told you in an earlier post that I had known Brother and Mrs. Reese for a while. Since I was in the seventh grade, actually. They have really thrown themselves into the ministry and have a great church across town.

They have had their share of mountains and valleys and yet they just keep, keepin' on! I admire them for that.
I remember as a teenager, I was dabbling in things I shouldn't have and got caught at school. They were within every right to expel me. Instead, they suspended me for two weeks and I believe it was because of who my parent's were. I'll never forget walking back into the school that first day after suspension. One of the other girls came to me and, very smugly, said, "I don't know why they didn't expel you and I don't know why they're giving you a party today! That's just stupid!" I thought to myself, A party? Sure enough, they had a party to welcome me back. Like the prodigal son. That humbled me more than they will EVER know. It meant a great deal to me and something I will NEVER forget!

This is their youngest son, Jordan. Last memory I had of him, he was running around with a sucker in his mouth, wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt. Look at him now!

Next is their oldest son, Ben. A spirited little boy all grown up to be one of Gastonia's finest. A favorite memory of Ben is when he was little and upset he would tell his mother, "I don't love you!" She would always calmly reply, "Well, that's ok, I still love you very much." He would get so upset and yell out, "NO! I DON'T WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!!" LOL It was hilarious.

And then there's Dana. Dana is the oldest and she was always a perfect image of her mother. Sassy, truthful, and sweet. I always picture her as a little girl with very long pig tails and a smile, much like the one in this picture. She was always a happy little girl. And now she's a mommy and happier than she's probably ever been.

There is one more daughter. The youngest, Katie. She is an absolutely wonderful child. If I could have stolen her, I would. Unfortunately, she was all over the church and I never did get a picture of her. :(
Dana's husband, Jonah, is the youth pastor at their church and he has a very tender heart, much like his father-in-law. I liked hearing Jonah pray! He is a very fortunate man to be married into such a great family.

I did not catch this man's name, but he's the song leader at their church and reminded me so much of Mander's dad, Brother Fox. Those of you that go to Faith, don't you agree????

Little Golden Nugget...
This morning in Bruce's Bible reading he came across a verse and read it to us tonight during family devotions. I was amazed at how it fit with yesterday's post...
Zephaniah 3:2 "She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the LORD; she drew not near to her God."