Monday, August 24, 2009

Exciting Changes!!

Lots of changes going on at church. Exciting changes! We're all having fun watching the new parsonage put together on the church property. It will be so pretty when it's finished!

Kelsey sang with the Bluegrass group last night and did a great job. It was good hearing her up there.

Allie and Blake were baptized last night. That was exciting. It's always good seeing people saved and baptized. We see it often at Faith, but it never gets old! :D

We had a fellowship after church last night to kick off the new Sigma year. I think this is the most exciting news of all! We'll be spending the Sigma year up in the main church for the preaching on Wednesday nights. The way it's set up, we'll actually be having more Sigma time. We'll still have teams, and we'll have Sigma Saturdays once a month. That sounds fun! The teens will be able to say their verses and turn in their devotion papers on Sunday mornings before Sunday school starts and also on Sigma Saturdays. So we're looking forward to this change and can't wait to see what happens in this new year. There are other changes along with this, such as the junior ushers will be able to continue ushering, the youth ensembles and singing groups will be singing more, and we'll be hearing from some of our young preacher boys. I think this is absolutely the best part of all!!!
Another exciting change is our ABC students are back for the school year. So we'll have Doug, Nathan, and Elizabeth back with us. YAY! We love them.
Here is a video of Pure Harmony singing So Much To Thank Him For. Pure Harmony is our bluegrass group with Mark, Crystal, and Kelsey on vocals. ENJOY!