Thursday, August 13, 2009

Speaking Too Quickly, Dogsitting, and Revival

There is so much on my mind right now. Things going through my head and I don't know if I should post them or not. Sometimes I think we, (bloggers), become so agitated, because of human nature, that we use our words and thoughts on our blogs to vent our frustrations when sometimes things are better left unsaid and left in the hands of the Lord. Or better if we just wait to see what He wants us to say instead of the first thing that comes to mind.

I feel like I have something to say, but need to make sure I'm saying it in the right spirit. It will be offensive, I know, and that's ok. The Bible is offensive to those who do not live it. I just want to make sure that what I say is not my opinion, but Biblical truth. As Pastor Goodman says often, "I would rather hear one, 'thus saith the Lord', than a thousand, 'In my opinion.'"

It's been a good day. I just pulled a pan of oven fried chicken from the oven and Hannah popped in a skillet of cornbread. Mashed potatoes and southern style green beans for the sides. I'm hungry smelling that cornbread!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!!! :D

We've been dog sitting for my favorite little girls, Celine and Carissa. Someone asked me the other day if I babysat them. I do babysit them from time to time. I guess you can call it that. They're like my own children so when they're here I don't feel like I'm babysitting. I've missed them while they've been on vacation. I know they're having a ball with their parents and grandparents. Anyway, their dog is so cute. I may just end up keeping her!! Although I would have to fight Celine and Carissa for her. She's small, but not one of those yappy small dogs.
We've had fun with her this week.
We've also had fun at Bright Light's Mission Revival this week. Monday night, Pastor preached on what to expect from God. Wow, did I ever need that! Tuesday night it just got HOT in there. And I don't mean the temperature. I mean meetin'! It was so good I was just bubbling over when we got home. Wed night we were in our own church, of course, and Brother RJ preached a GREAT message from Psalm 121 and 122:1. Another message my heart and mind needed. God always knows what we need when we need it!! So I'm looking forward to tonight's service and going expecting something great from God to my heart.
I love Him.