Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pranks and Revival

Last night we went to hear Brother Tony Hutson at Blessed Hope Baptist Church in York. We just love Brother Hutson.
His sermon was "Tighten the Grip" from Hebrews 2:1-3 and 1:1-11.
Tighten the grip on our doctrine!!! The WORD of God WAS not in inspired, it IS inspired. He is the God of inspiration. Jesus Christ is our inspiration. He is the God of salvation. He is better than any other god, because he's REAL! He does not ask us to die for Him. Only to LIVE for Him! He is the God of indignation. He is a just God. Do not mistake his meekness for weakness. He is the God of creation! He is the God of continuation. He is always the same. Never changes, never will.
Tighten the grip on our doctrine. There is no part of it that we can do without! Earnestly contend for the faith. Tighten the grip on our intensity. Don't sit down on the job. Anything you can do for Jesus Christ, do it! Stay on fire!! Find God's perfect will for your life, and do it! You'll never hear, "Well done" if you have not done well. Too many things come before God now.

Blessed Hope's youth choir sang I Have Been Blessed. One of our favorites at Faith. :)

I didn't catch this man's name, but he sang really good. I have a video of him that I'll post later this week.

Brother Hutson called all the youth to the front of the church and talked to them about the God of creation.

I love going to local revival meetings and camp meetings because there's always going to be people there you know from other churches or from your past. If you'll remember, our Pastor was in revival at a church a couple of weeks ago and I did not get a picture of their Pastor's youngest daughter. But guess who was there last night! Yep! Katie. Katie is a peach, no lie! I just fell instantly in love with her the moment I met her. Katie has Down Syndrome. I've always respected her parents for never allowing her special needs to get in the way of totally being sold out to the Lord and throwing themselves into the ministry. Especially during the events that took place in their lives before they had Katie. It would have been very easy to give up. But they have pressed on!

Me and Katie....ain't she sweet? I was so happy when I saw her last night.

Ok, so down here in these parts of North Carolina, Sun Drop is THE soda everyone loves. I love Sun Drop too. And when I go to pour me a glass I get upset when someone (JUSTIN) leaves the cap loose and all the fizzy (carbonation) is gone. So yesterday when that happened, I decided to get Justin back. I "made" my own version of Sun Drop and poured it back into the bottle.

Last night after revival, Justin came in and was getting ready to turn the bottle up to drink it and was surprised by, instead of Sun Drop, 1/4 water, a drop of food coloring, and 3/4 VINEGAR! I caught it on video. Enjoy! :)