Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, Love, Love, Love....

Love comes in all different forms. Husband to wife, parent to child, grandparents to grandchild, friend to friend. It doesn't matter how you share it, so long as it's shared. Valentine's Day is more than just me and my sweetheart. Although, without him, it would not be the same.

We celebrated Friday night by going out to dinner, exchanging gifts, and doing some other things uptown, enjoying the holiday a few days early.

This morning, the children woke up to a valentine card and a box of chocolates for each of them. Harrison was very eager to pass out his valentine cards to the family, but also eager to open his box of chocolates. LOL

Bruce took last night off from work. We had decided to pay our mothers a visit and spread the love around, so to speak. :) But before we went to see them, we stopped at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants, Los Arcos. We exchanged cards. I gave Bruce one of his favorite candy bars. Are Reece's cups considered a candy bar? They're round. So what would they be classified under? You tell me.

Bruce has written me some of the most BEAUTIFUL poems over the years. I always look for his poems first thing and if he doesn't write one, I am genuinely disappointed. He did write me one for Valentine's Day and it was so sweet!

After lunch we visited with our moms. We took them a Valentine card and some Calla Lilies. I thought they were so pretty. We had some nice visits. When Bruce and I got home, he got in bed to rest before going to work tonight, while I picked up Hannah and Harrison to take them to see their grandmothers. So all in all, I think our mothers had a hard time feeling too lonely. I am sure, though, that their sweethearts were on their minds all day.

These are the pretty calla lilies we got our moms.
I love you mom! I love you, Marie! Y'all are the best moms ever!! We had a good time visiting with you and hope you had a good time with us too! :) Happy Valentine's Day.