Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Request

Praying for Kristin today. She is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor. She's a pastor's wife with young children. Her CATs last night showed a spot on her lung also. They are more concerned about the tumor right now and will investigate the spot on her lung later. There is a possibility that it is from a blood clot she had last year. Please pray for her and her family and for the doctors today.
ETS: They did not do Kristin's surgery. After viewing more tests done before surgery, they found extensive amounts of cancer in her liver and lungs. They want to do a biopsy on the tumor in her head and figure out what kind of cancer they are dealing with and how and if they will do any treatments. This was a huge blow to them, as you can imagine.

Also, the update on Becca is getting better. She is still having some issues. Here is her mom's most recent update: Becca is doing really good, she is having memory issues and is still extremely weak. Has to be fed, can't hold her head up, or her arms and legs. Heard baby's heart rate today, 162, which is real good. Please cont to pray for her strength to increase, and her memory. Thanks so much to EVERYONE.