Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Date

Bruce has been working six days so it was nice to have him on his normal schedule this week. We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early. We went to the Outback for supper and to exchange gifts, hung out in Gastonia for a little bit, stopped at Wal Mart to pick Harrison up a few things he needed, and ended our night at Krispy Kream. If we make an effort to go to Gastonia, we're stopping at KK's! And the kids always love to see us come home with a box of doughnuts for them. By the way, he bought me a bottle of some of my favorite perfume, Happy Heart, by Clinique, which also came with a new makeup bag and lots of makeup. YAY! He also threw in some other things. ;0) Thanks, babe! I loved my gifts!!

and my Valentine!

We had a very good time, even though he was so tired. You can still see how sleepy his eyes were. I love my Valentine. I am truly thankful for him. He is a blessing in every way. He keeps me laughing and can always make me smile. I had been so excited all day, knowing that we were going out. I've missed my Friday night dates! I love you, Bruce!


We took my mom a few things she needed on Saturday. She has been very sick with bronchitis. She really hasn't gotten over it from last year. She's had some serious dizzy spells and I've tried to tell her to stay down and take it easy, but she doesn't cooperate very well. LOL She's doing ok, although she does need a lot of prayer to get better.

Love you, mom! :)
The newest update on Becca is that she was fine at 4:00 this morning. She had been opening her eyes on command and even followed her mom with her eyes as her mom was leaving the hospital room. But this morning, around 7:00, one of her lungs collapsed and they had to put a tube in. She takes a couple of steps forward and then one back. But thankfully, she is making some progress. Thank you for the prayers that have gone up on her behalf and please continue to pray for her when you think about it. She's not out of the woods just yet.