Monday, February 28, 2011

House on Fire and Anniversary Trips

The fire academy set a controlled fire in a house here in town and had the cadets go in rotations to put it out.

Justin had called to ask me to come take pictures so Harrison and I went up there. I thought little brother would like to go see what big brother was doing.
big brother
little brother
I believe Justin was being told where he was in the rotation. It figured he would be in the last group going in. lol

I snagged this of Harry while we waited for the fire to start.

And then it started.

Justin with a few of the cadets.

This was the fire going when it was Justin's turn to go in.

And there he goes....

And he did come out safely. :)

It took a couple of hours waiting on him to get to his rotation. They'd set the house on fire then send in a couple of cadets to put the fire out. Then they'd set another fire. You can see more pictures by clicking here. As soon as Justin came out I took my very patient younger son to get a cold banana slushie, which he gladly sucked down all the way home. haha

Joel and Pam and their kids came into town from Alabama for their anniversary so our SS class had a get-to-gether for them. Brother Ken made sure we had Tex-Mex seeing it was Brother Joel that introduced us all to that! It was yummy. Whoever did the cooking did a great job.
Hope y'all had a great anniversary. :)