Sunday, November 23, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall...

I was up with the children this morning as they were getting ready for church. Everything seemed to be going good...for Sunday morning, that is. And then it happened. The house shook with a thunderous roar and crashing of something or someone falling.

My first thought was that mom had slipped and fallen. I took off to her room, flung open her door, and there she lay. How relieved I was to see that she was snug as a bug in her bed! "What was that," she asked? I wasn't sure but my next thought was of my husband.

I ran into our bathroom, flung opened that door, and there, all pitiful looking, my dearly beloved sat in the bathroom floor. A little disoriented and bleeding from his shoulder, it was obvious he had fallen getting out of the shower. The visible affects of the fall was bad enough. And then I noticed that his big toe was bleeding too. Not to mention that now his back was tightening. Something he has frequent problems with.

Poor baby. I painted and bandaged his wounds and kissed his head.

He was fine to go to church. When they returned home from church this afternoon he was walking a little stiff. Which leads me to believe his back has tightened a little more. He's napping now. I hope he doesn't wake from his nap in pain.